Gears 5 trailer was GOOD

with the drop of the new gears of war trailer i was honestly expecting a normal cinematic trailer like usual. for ME the trailer was exactly what i was hoping for, they showed me exactly what i wanted.

New character developement: JD seemed way cooler in this one and were going to finally see more of kaits history.

NEW areas to explore: gears of war 4 was stuck in the same night and same setting and for a gears game to me was unusual it felt like there was no purpose other then to find people…

new melee weapon: im excited for the return of new melee weapons i miss the shield the boomer sword and felt like gears 4 was lacking in weapons.

WINTER: im going to BLAST my AC when i play this game because the nostalgia of gears of war 2 has hit me in this trailer, I LOVE WINTER IN GEARS.

Now I know a lot of people hate the idea of the feminist taking over, as much as i want to see and play as Marcus i think it’s not a horrible idea to make kait the protagonist. if we don’t get to play as Marcus or JD at all then I’m going to be definitely upset similar to how Halo 5 was.

i think this game is going to be okay… i don’t think it will ever be as good as the original trilogy but i feel like they were low key hinting things people wanted… the original gritty and gruesomness of the original games were not there in the 4th game. if you replay ultimate edition you will understand what im talking about. just the feel you had playing that game is the true GOW feel. i feel like the whole reason for this kind of trailer was to show that they have been working on character development that the characters aren’t sissys like in gears 4.

anyway other than people complaining about the female character i think the trailer was really good! I literally dropped my jaw when I saw kait riding on the new vehicle in the winter setting… it’s going to be absolutely breathtaking this game and I’m excited about it.

so how were your reactions, good or negative?


I also enjoyed watching the trailer. I actually watched it like 20 times by now. It is an awesome trailer and I have high hopes for Gears 5.

I don’t have any problem that a female is gonna be the main character as long as the story is gonna be good. And I think GoW5 is going to have a great story mode and even a better multiplayer.

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Excited as well and I can’t wait to see where Gears 5 takes us

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The biggest problem is JD’s arm scene and going back to New Hope

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All positive.
JD is new and cool, in a militaristic survival mindset like young Marcus and Reyna. Putting his job above his friend’s mental physique.
New Lancer variation? Yes! New melee weapons? Yes! JACK is back? Yes!
All the beautiful colors? Yes!
Anyways hyped. Gears 4 was on this ice. Gears 5 is literally on ice. I’m hoping it’s good.

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i agree… it doesnt matter if the main character is a female as long as the missions are good and the story is actually new and exciting im all for it!

im super excited to see if razor hail will be making a comeback since its set during winter.

another thing people failed to see is in the trailer the armor varients change depending on the location they are in which is cool. and during the trailer at 3:35 there seems to be a new weapon… maybe a new one or a old UIR gun. can anyone confirm what kind of weapon that is?

Good vibes for the gameplay and general direction. Bad vibes for RNG micro baloney that is likely to persist.

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It look like the new Tomb Raider.

oh please because it has a female role not 100% entirely through the campaign it looks like tomb raider?

It feels less gearsy

i get that after watching gears 1 cutscenes today… it is a lot to do with the broness of the game. it doesnt mean that there wont be that in gears 5 we just have to see. im not worried about it because i just want new settings, guns, and enemies which in the trailer it seems like thats what were getting. im looking forward to see what exactly happends to kait i hope she goes nuts like cortana from halo 5 so we can kill her ■■■ lol

Except it’s not a new setting there going back to New Hope. This has nothing to do with broness tyo me. There just some scenes where I think of a different game than gears (dead space)

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I hope you’re right. But they’ve said nothing about the campaign not being totally about her. That’s the case then we could always play Battlefield 5. SMH

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still a little sad bf5 isnt bad company 3 or modern setting but still buying lol