Gears 5 - Tour of Duty 3 - Fast Completion Guide

Hi Folks, GGZII here, some of you may know me, some may not! I’m usually posting balance videos, breakdowns, behind the scene videos or just general chatting about the game and trying to improve it. Today I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and worked on a guide. Over the past two weeks I’ve been recording and completing the tour and wanted to document some tips that may help.

Obviously it’s not super indepth, but I wanted to keep it short and snappy I also made some custom escape cinematics : )! Let me know in the comments below … oh and feel free to drop tips in the comments to help others out.

Thanks and have a great day. Stay Safe!

Click here for the Guide


Tips for completing


Ready -
Have boost and iron. You know. Give tc money and make them think everything is great with this game. Very easy and simple as a pimple.

Here is how im doing it.
I get on only to do the tour ,opps. I mean CHORE - ( quick match, ffa and some bunny guardian.
while hoping that they fix this bs game within the next 2 weeks and i do not want to be tht far behind for when they actually do fix this sht show of a game. if not. Its literally all for nothing because i will drop this game like i did gears 4 and will not come back.
Unfortunately gears still has a hold on me and again. Im holding on to the notion that this game will be fixed sooner than later.


T.C. - HOLD MY BEER. " March 31 2020"

Great video man, I too like maximizing my efforts and comboing just like you highlighted in the video.

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Im like 71 stars away from unlocking ronin armored kantus. 71% complete

People don’t have any excuse for not making General in OP3, they’ve changed up the Daily Challenges to help many quite a bit


Yeah, good job on your video. I like that you’re showing relevant gameplay while you talk. I saw another guy making videos where his character was just standing still as he talked over it. Got bored real quick. Good advice to try to combo the medals. Well, it’s pretty much what we have figured out over the last couple of tours, by asking and searching the forums. It’s nice to finally have it all in condensed video form with specific examples though. Haven’t seen anyone do that yet. So this video is useful. You also didn’t talk too much, use filler, or try to sell us anything. So it didn’t get annoying. Hopefully, it gets a lots of views and you make more Gears videos dude.

Lol tour of duty 3 challenges has been nerfed so much, that getting to general takes it 2 time faster than previous tours. In op 1 and op 2it was like 1 month of playing 2-3 hours daily, now its 2 week and I have 58 stars left for general reward.

Another good way to get Marcus headshot kills in Escape is going through The Detour on Beginner.

If you go all the way to the end of the first act, not taking any of the safe rooms, there will be a safe room on the right, and infinite spawning juvies on the left. You can use the Hammerburst in that hive as well, and I’ve got 220 kills in that hive in 11 minutes, with 106 being headshots. So in theory, you could complete that medal in an hour.

You could combo this with the eliminations in Escape, and the kills and eliminations for the basic medals. You could also use Cole after the Marcus headshot medal is done to get the eliminations done for the escape eliminations as Clayton and Cole.

You say this like it’s a bad thing.

People complained that the previous operations were a grind and now they fixed it - be thankful.

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No, I’m not complaining at all at tour and it’s completion time. Now it’s super easier and that was what I meant.

But there is one issue in shorting tour completion, which is that most players will do it faster than it used to be, so these people may not have enough strength to play gears at all, no more challenges and nothing special to do is one of reasons that people leaves Game, it gets boring. Especially when ranked versus does not deliver the level of entertainment that it used to be in previous Gears. Not mentioning the bug fest we still have.

I don’t know, I could imagine that more people would be happy about getting the tour out of the way rather than feel that they don’t have things to do when it’s complete.

Not to mention the people that don’t have much time on their hands and don’t want to spend money on boost or multiple re-rolls (like myself) that want to complete the tour.

I may have missed it but did they ever address the excess stars after completing tour? I remember them saying they wanted to do something about it but not sure when.

Oi it’s Zii you bugger

If you are talking about the no rewards for additional stars after hitting general, then no, they aren’t doing anything about it.

TC have said the ToD is designed to last the 12/13 weeks that the operation lasts. If you complete it early, and have nothing left to do, that’s on you.

Given this stance I would imagine it’s pretty much certain we won’t get it in operation 4 either.

It’s disappointing, but I kinda expected it to be honest.

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So here’s a question I got : What’s the best thing to do to get the Lancer eliminations medal as a PvE player? The weapon feels extremely lackluster to say the least(a shame because the standard Lancer used to be one of my favorite weapons, but it just is terrible in Gears 5, in no small part because of the reduced clip size and the fact that it feels like shots go everywhere BUT the enemy outside of close range combat), and even with Marcus doesn’t seem that great if you don’t get Living Legend up and some point with lots of Juvies right outside a saferoom with enough ammo to clear them out with the Lancer to farm them in Escape. Even the darn Retro Lancer is better and easier to farm its medal with, in no small part because it has better damage per shot and doesn’t require you to finish off every single Drone that ever existed with more bullets that already are not that damaging because we apparently need every single downable enemy to go down every time if it isn’t finished with a headshot capable weapon in a PvE mode where it is just an annoyance, and because it can be found in more hives with better ammo availability for the weapon.

If you’re not here to listen to me having an issue with how the standard Lancer in Gears 5 is as close to a piece of rubbish as you can get, all I want is some advice on how to best go about farming the Lancer eliminations medal as a PvE player.

Horde on Beginner.

Beginner horde start at wave 41 ( more enemies, especially if you get leeches) build a fence or two and you’re all set. That’s the way I did it.

Use Extended rifle mag, Lancer stock, custom Lancer, Last ditch and rifle feedback. Play beginner Horde and max out his AR damage perk. You could take off Lancer stock for his chainsaw recharge card for his ult.

The Lancer doesn’t pop up much in Escape, and seen as you are a PvE player, VS is a no-go. Cole has a Lancer, but he only gets the 30% increase on his AR perk.

Thanks, glad it helped.

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