Gears 5 took risks (spoilers)

I feel gears 5 story actually took risks in how they handled characters. Usually there is no risks in game and movie stories and the good guys always win without to much sacrifice. But in gears 5 Oscar died, JD/Del died, jack died and almost cole but thankfully not. For a middle chapter I feel they made sacrifices that most wouldn’t do.

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The thing that bothers me, or the main question I have is: what will TC do in GOW6 regarding JD/Del? It’s possible they could write a dual-scenario campaign and allow players to say what choice they made in GOW5 and enable us to play out both scenarios where either of them died/survive. I keep wondering to myself that it may have been better if they had chosen one scenario and stuck with it. I hope TC can resolve this in a good way. What I worry about is that they have written themselves into a corner.


Maybe they’re keeping track of who everyone picks to be killed and that will become canon. If anyone complains they can always say - well, you picked it.


I do t think so, just for the future lore books. And either. Would’ve have been 2 different story, so it’s a lot of extra work.

After of course they can do as the same lines but that would be cheap and incoherent…

So yes I will say the best, is to keep JD lol


If only they had limited their “risks” to Campaign.


Most people are hoping that canon is JD lives, and Del is the sacrifice due to how most care about Marcus and that he should NOT lose his son after all the stuff he went through.

Del was a bugger part of Gears 5 as well so it would make the death sadder too.


Then consider me abnormal because I hope JD’s death is canon. I saved Del with no hesitation on my first play through. I think JD’s death provides some great turmoil and challenges for the characters story wise in terms of failing him. Not to mention he was no where around the entire game so from Kaits perspective (which is what the game is played from) it makes no sense that she would suddenly just choose the guy who didn’t trust her over the loyal friend who’s had her back the entire time. Plus I don’t need a JD loses friend mirroring the whole like father like son storyline bull crap just sounds lame not to mention Marcus is built to be a tragic figure where nothing ever goes right for him. It’s literally baked into his character he is supposed to have any and all happiness ripped from his life and only ever have a taste of what it could be like but never really obtain it. It’s part of why I love and connect with his character so well because despite his best efforts or intentions everything he has is ripped away from him in a brutal fashion leaving him to pick up the pieces. It’s also plays into one of the biggest irony’s of the games narrative as a strong theme of hope runs trough the story yet at every turn there is no hope of anything for this character but a bleak depressing and for him a dismal existence.


I believe that none of them will be in the next gears (remaining open who died in that event)

I would have found then stupid to kill Lizzie and send jd to the coma, develop is trauma to just kill him right after.

And well Del story I guess is finish, I don’t see any new developments who can grow in him even with death Jd, who in the opposite can really develop even more Jd tought,goal and Bad*ssttidtude

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I don’t think TC will factor our choices in whatsoever. They will write the story that they want to write. As much as I would prefer for JD to live to spare Marcus further heartbreak, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they go with JD dying. Why? Because it creates more drama. Marcus played only a supporting role in Gears 5, and killing his son will give him the extra motivation and the added dramatical tension to create a campaign with more personal stakes. He will have to come to terms with the fact that Kait chose to kill his son, and her connection to the Locust which is the reason all his loved ones are dead.

If Del is dead, then the best you can hope for is JD and Kait reconcile, only for JD to maybe have to do something he doesn’t want to do at the end, if Kait turns. But Del or any other character could be in that position anyway.

My bet - JD is dead.


I wouldn’t say so cause, it’s not Marcus story anymore.

A lot of people talk about the the heart break from Marcus and the consequences, but in my opinion, it’s not Marcus story anymore but (for me of course) Jd and Kait story.

I would bet exemple for the death of Del, playing as Jd again in the 6 (or even few act Jd and other as kait), and the death of Marcus… (:pensive:)

would give more excitement to the game’s plot

Well I can say if they choose to kill off JD they are wasting a character and the potential of GOW 6, we know JD has a big injury, he finally started being there for Kait again, and his father is bonding with him again.

Del however has no where else to go story wise, they simply did not give any depth to him besides being the side kick/friend of Kait, and JD. We know nothing about him beyond he is the friend of _____.

Cole, Baird, and Dom all got fleshed out more then Del.


Was useless. Writers couldn’t find a good use for him even in Gears 5 so they killed him off. Writers already plcaed him in the riftworm village so he wouldn’t be contributing to the plot in any significant way. Also he was anti- COG.

This is canon.

Its a robot, Baird can rebuild a better model of it.

Agreed. Good that they didn’t kill him.


Had they killed Cole in such a crappy way I would be done with the series, if they do decide to kill him off it needs to be in a blaze of glory like Dom or Jack bot.

Baird and Cole are classic Delta, you do not give them a weak death, even Marcus should he die needs to have a big send off not some weak ■■■ gimmick death.

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I hope the story continues by everyone entering some kind of time warp so Delta squad isn’t a bunch of old farts and can be the center of the story again.

I think the “big choice” of JD/Del will have no effect on the Gears 6 story, meaning neither character will have a role in 6’s plot.

Which just begs the question of why was JD the main of 4 and why build the buddy-buddy relationship with Del in 5? If I’m right, then the first two games of the TC trilogy will have spent so much time with characters who ultimately do not matter to the overall story…

They sort of already proved my last point considering JD was inconsequential in 5. Besides murdering yet another Carmine, he didn’t really add anything, even after he came back in Chapter 3. Therefore, having made him the main protagonist of 4, they threw him away in 5.

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As much as people say it was a stupid decision to write the story with a choice like this it has generated lots of discussion, speculation, and curiosity in the outcome. Maybe it wasn’t so stupid after all.


to say Gears 4 or Gears 5 took risks is kinda silly to me, all TC really did was just time skip so they could write their own characters/events easier, aside from that its a pretty typical COG vs Locust 3rd person shooter experience.

a risk would be something significant like if it were a first person game or if PvP was like Overrun… Basically Judgement was the only game in the series that actually took risks (Tactics is probably in the same boat)

If you want a series that took risks Halo comes to mind, Halo 5 to Halo 1 look nothing alike gameplay wise, radical changes every Halo game, Gears kind of always just stayed to what made it successful.

Edit: and no characters being killed off doesn’t mean a game is “taking risks”, a narrative risk would be something like if you were Locust fighting COG/Lambent, THAT is a risk lol, stories kill off characters about as frequently as the sun sets.


To be honest I commend TC in a certain way for trying to take risks in everything, it’s just that I feel like in some areas they made some major f ups.