Gears 5 - Too many issues, worst game launch ever

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It always ends up that way after a week.

I specifically remember I could at least play Horde and co-op campaign in Gears 2 :roll_eyes:


Ive said it numerous times before TC have a track record or being fired from projects in the past under other names for poor quality work and this is shown in there work on the gears franchise,
I am not putting them down, these are just facts and its probably time to accept they are not the correct people to dev this game line any longer,but there is a bigger problem and that is Ferguson and he is going nowhere sadly!


Those aren’t facts. Its just ■■■■ you made up in your head. Nobody from the original Zipline studio(microsoft games studio Vancouver) works for the Coalition and those were the ones that had games canceled. They were disbanded and then Black Tusk was formed and eventually transistioned to The Coalition when Microsoft bought the gears franchise.

Rod was the executive producer of the first 3 Gears games and is the head of the Coalition studio so its not like he doesn’t know how to make a Gears game.

The Coalition has done a great job with the franchise despite what your revisioninist history implies.


I think it’s fair to say that none of us, other than TC employees themselves, know where they worked or what they worked on prior to this. All we can go on is what they’ve done.

As Zipline… a Facebook game…

As Vancouver studio… a flight simulator.

Cancelled project.

Cancelled project.

Handed AAA title and expected to create great games with have 1, only 1 of the original developers lead them.

Gears UE was broken. Still is.

Gears 4 was broken. Still is.

Gears 5 IS broken. And I’ll venture a guess and say in a year it’ll still be.

The point is… it’s not hard to gloss over a game and make it look good. They can make a game that looks good. But a game that actually functions properly and consistently… lol. That’s a joke. They’ve no idea how to do their jobs. Period. And the proof is in the fact that they are now on their 3rd installment of Gears and still can’t get it right. Those are the facts.


I can’t even launch the game. It launches, sits at black screen, and then says graphics card not responding GW502, every other game on my PC launches. And plays.

Bare in mind also that gears UE was basically already made as epic did it years ago and all they had to do was lick the paint a little and they still messed that game up,honestly the are fans who could of made that game using the unreal engine and a better game at that,

The Master chief collection.

The launch was so bad it didn’t work for months.

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lol telus

Mexico has huge arcades filled with gears of war. Its called friki plaza

Never played the Gears UE multiplayer but nothing broken for me in Gears 4 and I have no doubt Gears 5 will be functioning fine when things settle down.

The fact that you admit to never have playing Gears UE online at all is very telling in the fact that your opinions, which is all you’ve given, are worthless. You can’t comment on the state of the franchise as a whole, or how good or bad TC has done in development if you skipped entire games. Go kick rocks kid.


The fact that you claim games that people have been playing for years are broken is just proof that you have an axe to grind against the studio or franchise or you’re one of those people that aren’t happy unless you’re complaining about something.
Probably both, in your case.

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It’s glaring that a lot of you weren’t now around for the launch of gears 2 — because that game not only launched bad. It’s was also just broke throughout its life lol


People still played MCC for years. Broken. Division 1 for years. Broken. Gears UE. Broken. Gears 4. Broken. Just because a game is broken doesn’t mean people don’t play. Take Gears 4 for example. It’s broken because high and fluctuating ping players, namely from Mexico, have a huge advantage online because they don’t have their own servers and play on US servers. That’s a known fact. It’s indisputable. Gears 4 is run by Mexicans. And Gears 5 is shaping up to be the exact same way because this game is just as trash and broken as 4.

You didn’t even address what I said. That’s fine. You can think whatever you want about me wanting to complain. But you have no idea. I have every Gears action figure ever made. EVER. I have the lancers. Every collectors edition. All the pop figures. Belt buckles. Satchel bags. Custom art work from a Texas con. All the energy drinks. I even had a company make me custom a gears vinyl decals for my Hummer. Not really sure why I would WANT to complain about this game. I’d rather it just worked and wasn’t complete crap. But I guess you know me better than I know myself. Again, go kick rocks kid.

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I’ve played every Gears game and you having all the Gears barbie dolls just make me think you’re a nerd, kid.

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Yeah… I’ve played them as well. All of them maxed out on several different tags, less 4 because it’s a pain in the ■■■ and takes a ridiculous amount of time.

And “played” all game so. Lol. You have 170 GS for UE. You barely played it. You don’t have a single one maxed. You casually play. You’re more worried about total GS and playing a bunch of stupid games to be over 180,000 GS. You don’t care about Gears. You just rush through a run get the easy achievements and bounce. Period.

And sure, call them barbies if you want to. That’s fine. The hell do I care? My life choices allow me the luxury to have a completely customized game room that’s filled with Gears and a custom Hummer that’s Gears themed to celebrate the game I love. But that’s cool… ya know… casually playing a couple games and then trying to act like you’re holier than thou talking down to people. Why haven’t you kicked rocks yet kid?

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The Coalition are terrible developers who destroyed the gears name.I played for 2 hours and the game crashed just like fkng Gears 4!Did they copy and paste the code over?Garbage developers! we need a Gears 2 remaster instead of this BS


Amen brother.

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