Gears 5 To Include Mouse/Keyboard On Xbox One

All your points, are not really points tbh.

Especially when you mention connection issues simply because of Crossplay.

This makes zero sense, much like most of your other points.

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I didn’t realize that you had skin in this game Tony :joy:

The connection issue part I brought up because I do get spikes in my ping in social playlists and when I play with a friend who’s on pc. It’s either a coincidence that it happens under those circumstances or it actually does have something to do with crossplay. I can’t be sure about it, as I’ve said before, but what I’m saying that if it does happen to me because of crossplay it’s something to look into. Either way, it’s what I’ve got whenever I’ve played with crossplay on.

No need for such a disrespectful tone. I replied to Meowmix and in the hope of an open discussion since he responded to my initial comment.

Besides, I’m supporting crossplay in Gears 5, if TC makes sure they design versus with crossplay in mind( meaning they should make the game play as close the same as possible on both platforms. Likewise, players should have the same experience if they play Kb/M on console vs a controller. The choice should simply be a matter of personal preference, not between an advantage and a disadvantage. I think it’s only reasonable ). Crossplay, like many things in Gears 4, was seemingly done too hastily. Such an impactful feature should not simply be latched onto a game.

You’re the one that got aggressive with me first.

If I remember it correctly, because you’ve mentioned it on the forums, you lost quite handily, but it’s okay, because your friends were casual. If they were better you’d have definitely done it, you’d have called in the dream team and defeated me.

The reality is the only thing you bounced was the dirt off the ground to dig the shallow grave I put you in. I’ve never heard of someone trash talking someone’s play off a game they LOST.

Had you won, sure, you’d have free reign to run your mouth, but you lost, and you lost badly at that! You have to actually win to ■■■■ talk bud, that’s how competition works. You knew you were playing against me, I honestly don’t even look at who I’m playing against, and all you had to do was win… But you didn’t, you got clapped, and I was the MVP. I think I had 12 or 13 headshots that game too, maybe more honestly.

Why would you lag spike simply because a PC player is in the game or when playing on Crossplay?

This doesn’t make sense, you got any videos showing this? Perhaps TC can then investigate. Crossplay obviously doesn’t trigger ping spikes…

They do play the same, PC might be smoother, but they essentially play the same. It all comes down to player skill in the end.

I play on Controller and have no issues playing against Mouse and Keyboard players.

It’s all preference and each method has advantages and disadvantages but then Gears 5 should have the option of both so this point which I don’t even see as an issue will be addressed.

There was no disrespect, apologies if you felt offended and I don’t know what else to say on this. I still believe your points hardly hold any weight in the topic as they are non-issues.

Sorry this is my last post in this thread, mostly because the commando guy is trolling and I’ve no interest in wasting another minute of my life on someone who thrives on negative attention like he does.

I don’t recall what you posted but Envii mentioned the connection thing, which I do remember. I’m so tired of hearing people fabricate myths about PC. I’m really busy today though so I’m not gong to argue about it.

Peace. :v:



I wasn’t here to argue, I assure you :smiley:

But I can understand. Crossplay is way too sensitive of a subject on the forums :thinking:

Not really…people are mad about aim bots (meaning 0.01% of the actual PC community) other then that I don’t think anyone has a real problem with them

Well it very often ends up in heated arguments is all I’m saying. I just try to stay away from those the best I can :sweat_smile:

@GhostofDelta2 close this ■■■■ post please

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Agreed, this has gone way off track.