Gears 5 To Include Mouse/Keyboard On Xbox One

Ok, a beginner in wall bouncing, but I can comment on alt use. I DO sometimes roll accidentally, but it’s almost always because I have my left stick pointing too far to a side, and not straight forward when trying to do an A move around a corner… I roll to the side, even though I pressed A which has no roadie run/roll functionality. So, at least on a controller, it is possible to missroll pressing A, even if A is just for wall slide.

Haha, and yes, definitely, trying to slide to cover from too far away definitely leaves you standing there like an idiot, just waiting to get chunked :wink:


…the story of my life🤣

Still not correct, and you either didn’t read or understand what I wrote. You WILL still risk rolling when you hit corners. It’s a fact. I know because I have my keys bound that way. When you are on a corner (be it a wall or a box) it gives you the option to side roll and if you don’t hit the direction key correctly you will roll. You actually have to be moving around though and not just zig zagging between two walls.

You don’t understand wallbouncing which is why you think it’s not a high skill mechanic. What you are doing in the vid wouldn’t even work against silver level players so you really aren’t in a position to speak on the subject. Guys like ChaseOP have such an effective wallbounce that you could spend years practicing and likely still never come close to their level. I get it though, you just want to be dismissive so I don’t expect you to be honest.


Dude, not trying to be a ■■■■ here, but that is the most hilariously bad wall bouncing that I have ever see. I mean, i notice you are a diamond, so you are obviously a great player, but that is pathetic

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He is a very good player, that’s for sure but to master movement and bounce is probably the hardest thing in this game, especially like the guys in the video.

The guy in the second video made the character do a 360 on the spot while bouncing - like wow :rofl:

He can also do that while looking completely up or down too. Immensely difficult.

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Oh i’m sure he is. And I’m not trying to be mean, but I just think he doesn’t quite get what wallbouncing actually is. Heck, i’m not that great of a bouncer, as i’m sure you noticed last night lol!

Those videos are killer! But I have ran into some really dumb Hyperbouncers, where they really just stay in one place, and you can literally just walk right up in front of them and gib them.

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I agree, @Christ_Commando has never been one to have the movement but I don’t think he likes that play style and thus doesn’t take an interest to learn it but I doubt he could even if he tried.

He is a good friend of mine and his skills are very good, but bouncing isn’t one of them.

Nah, your actually pretty good with bouncing, I was impressed. Like I literally didn’t bounce at all which was a shame as I was so tired but I’d love to get a couple of my friends in next time and even I’m like wow, how do you even move like that! It’s just so cool to watch :joy:

Yeah, the tutorial one is funny, guy is like, oh just do this and this and voilà - hyper bouncing!

Go and try it and it’s like wtf :sob:

When I say mastered hyperbounce, that includes hitting your shots too. It’s combing both the aspects of movement and accuracy - you are literally unstoppable once this happens.

Out of all the players I’ve met, I could probably only name one or two that can do this consistently and effectively that you would think a person can’t possibly be that good.

Again, I hope to show you soon :+1:


To be quite honest, I don’t think that I have ever met anyone who could do this. Any hyperbouncer that I’ve ran into have been pretty bad shots

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Wait till you get in a game with the guys I play with - you will literally not believe it’s possible to move and kill like they do :joy:

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Well, if they’re anything like you, then I am sure I’d be pretty blown away!:+1:

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I don’t know why you guys all think that I’m trying to demonstrate good bouncing technique in those videos.

The point of the videos is to show that no matter HOW BAD it is, you will not roll, because the roll button has been rebound.

The entire point of those videos is to be bad @III_EnVii_III @Me0wMix_CatFood

But yes, in general I think bouncing is a waste of time for competent pc players. Any pc player that can’t shoot a bouncer has issues with their aiming mechanics. Obviously it’s a lot of fun but I don’t believe it has much merit competitively.

As for you miss rolling with rebound keys, I don’t know, I’ve never had that issue and I know some guys on the pc boards just use macros (which they shouldn’t), because it’s so safe to spam the button after rebinding.

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I’m not sure if it’s a reading comprehension thing but it’s the last time I’ll attempt to explain the issue to you; I use that same keybind and you CAN roll. The reason you don’t know it is because you don’t wallbounce. You think it’s zig zagging between two parallel walls. When you hit corners (which you will if you actually wallbounce) you CAN roll with that keybind.

Regarding the last part, I’m a PC player who played against you and the results of our confrontations tell me that you’re certainly not above wallbouncing so you can spare us the lectures. People who don’t learn fundamental movement usually delete the game and go back to Overwatch and COD where all they have to do is aim steady.

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Doesn’t matter whether it’s PC or Xbox, if someone is hyperbouncing, it’s going to be difficult to shoot if your just relying on strafing or restricted movement.

The point is, what you see in those videos takes SKILL. It’s not an easy thing to do.


I mean, I was above you since all you did was make excuses as to why you lost to a guy that barely plays this game.

I remember it being quite the dominant performance too.

What would I know though, I’m just your inferior at every pc game?

@Me0wMix_CatFood @Christ_Commando

Haven’t you two been going at this for quite a while now?

Is this is the guy who came in here not too long ago, bragging how he was an uberlord level 72 in some other game (overwatch? Overlord?) and was going to make top rank in Gears without using the gnasher and without wall bouncing, because he can sit back and mouse aim from the back with precision weapons his team mates kept bringing him?


I think so. But that was before I, the great David the Clown, arrived.
but yeah, I remember seeing something like that while going through the archives, life seemed pretty grim around here without me

What are you talking about? When I pushed you I killed you. You never got a kill on me. I even roadie strafed in front of you while you had Longshot because I wanted to see what you had (being that you’re such a braggart on the forums) and you missed twice and retreated behind teammates.

I’ve no reason to lie about this stuff because I don’t have a gaming ego like you do. I never played competitive online games until I started Gears 4 a year and a half ago. I don’t know what the pics you’re posting are supposed to mean (I don’t play Temdee). Just stay in your lane and don’t talk about wallbouncing when you clearly don’t understand it and have to resort to lying.

You’re just throwing a tantrum at this point so this conversation is done.


Yeah buddy!! Get em Meow!


Can you elaborate what points I made were incorrect? No salt here, just wanna know.

Just to be clear, some of the points I brought up are things I’ve heard from a friend of mine who plays on both PC and Xbox( though he’s shifted more towards PC over time ). Some are from my personal experience. And point #2 I’m unsure about and just don’t want that to become a problem( so it’s a sort of speculative concern ).

FOV should be fairly easy to fix. Having a wider view is very beneficial in situations where you’re on a defensive position and the enemy has to find an opportunity to push( and a lot of times those opportunities happen when they don’t see you, even for a short moment ).

As for the aim sensitivity thing, I probably worded it kind of clumsily. What I tried to say is that the sensitivity settings should be made in a way that you can’t turn faster with one setup. From the streams I’ve seen by PC players they seem to be able to turn faster( especially when hip-aiming. I have my look sensitivity set at 30 and I can’t turn that fast or change direction as quickly ).

The third point is something I heard from that friend of mine I mentioned earlier so it’s not from personal experience and I haven’t paid that much attention to how the movement works on PC if I’ve watched a PC stream. So I can’t be exactly certain about that. But I basically want game mechanics to play exactly the same on both platforms.

Now, the connection issues I mentioned are from personal experience. I don’t get “lag spikes” with crossplay off, but whenever I play a social playlist or if I play with a friend who’s on PC my ping fluctuates from 30 to 100+ several times a match. I don’t know why this happens to me with crossplay on but it does and just makes the game frustrating for me. Normally my ping ranges from about 30 to 40, and I also have a very stable connection in other online games I play.

The last point about cheaters should be obvious to a game developer. Reliable counter measures to cheating should be a given. Personally, I’ve come across an actual cheater only once( then again, I hardly ever play any social playlist and I play ranked with crossplay off ).

To put my stance on crossplay very bluntly, I’m all for crossplay when it’s done right. I honestly think it’s only reasonable. I’m not one of those people so strictly against crossplay that they won’t agree to give it a chance in any shape or form :smiley: If Gears 4 versus was well designed around crossplay from the get go I would’ve supported it. But I feel like TC really jumped head first into this crossplay feature without thinking it meticulously over first.

Btw I’m really struggling with my English vocabulary right now :joy: Hopefully not too much…