Gears 5 Throwback Maps

We all know they will be coming. It’s HOW they are implemented that is the important thing.

I am all for redone old maps, but, like the Gears 4 fiasco, I am not for PAYING for the same maps for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time.

Any “classic maps” should be gifted to the community.

That is unless, they go the free map route for all maps.

Side note* I want ruins. :slight_smile:


Same. Perfect atmosphere on that map


Agreed, ruins would be a nice one. I am still hoping for river at night and in the snow!


River was awesome too.

Same w Jacinto.

As well as Day One.

If they bring any back, id say do not bring a single one back that was in Gears 4.
Bring back as you said ruins, River, Day one, Jacinto and but at the same time dont make it the main focus and have some creativity of your own.

I want TC’s idea of when we first got Avalanche, it was crazy and unexpected in Gears 2 and thats what i want in Gears 5. Oh and please no windy versions or snowy versions of maps and acting like its a new one.

P.S Do not bring back bloodrive, ill maybe let it slide if you dont go with core’s lancer.

Jacinto and sanctuary need to come back. Bout it

Find it kinda ironic that the people who hate this whole new range / assault rifle cross meta want Jacinto out of all maps back lol

I would also love to see all fathers garden.

Man i agree! river would be cool to have back with a light snow flurry going on. I could almost bet they’re gonna bring back gears 4 maps, unfortunately. ruins were definitely one of my fav maps in gears 2 bring that back would be awesome.

also guys you gotta think it is winter time in gears 5 so im wondering if there gonna bring back razor hail…?

i just hope they really focus on creating better maps because gears 4 maps were :poop:

Year 1 i rather see no legacy maps because Gears 4 map cycle had more legacy maps than new.

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I’m happy to pay for maps as that means Tc are more likely to do them than free ones.

So one set price for all of them upfront is not a bad deal. Especially now that they are so much more richer in detail and altered for Horde and what not.

I want to see:

Bullet Marsh

I hope gears 5 not have remake maps like gaers 4

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Mansion nuff said

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Every gears had old remade maps. So I would just be ready for it. I personally like playing a lot of the older maps.

Lost City
Artillery with weather

Ooohhhhhhh…I can’t believe I forgot subway!!!

For as much as they charge for packs and for how bad the season pass was, I would think maps would be free this time around.

I’m all for remake maps but I’m not good for paying for them.

If day one happens horde will be something else than easy for me

If there’s a single classic or rehash in Gears 5 I’m gonna puke

Get a bag ready because they will be coming!