Gears 5 - This week in Gears

Nice bug fixes for campaign (finally).

I knew that this will be not the last batch of achievements. But I hate that you need to grind for it. I don’t want to think how bad will be FFA, with players camping on weapons, and other just trying to kill themselves with the same player so they can get the 10 points difference and start to kill everyone… This is almost the same that Gears POP!: Pro (or good skilled players) will start to look for a easy match, they will do nothing and they will hope that someone kill them and after the 10 points difference they will upgrade to sweaty player and kill everyone.

I know many players who will be not happy about Keegan in Escape…

And I hope that this will be the last achievement about re-up. Or at least do a 6x EXP bonus or something similar, but now that Boost is here, I doubt it

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Forcing us to play Arcade is torture as achievement hunters…


About that ally xp reduction?


Man, this hurts.

Guardian is the only mode I play, and seeing it removed from Ranked will definitely change the amount I play. I understand why it was done, and honestly expected it to happen, but it definitely sucks.

Oh well. I’m very happy about the totem change at least lol.

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I prefer blitz over original arcade, but only when there is an event, or just play 5 matches and that’s all. I know that I’ll be playing more than five matches because medals, but that doesn’t mean that I like the game mode…

That’s what you get for being an achievement hunter or if you like to get 100% skins, emotes, etc… :roll_eyes:

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and I thought my jokes were bad .

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Made its own thread for the playlist changes :slight_smile:

I understand why they’re doing it but KotH has become very annoying in Gears 5. Don’t get me wrong – I have Masters in both Guardian and KotH so I can play both very well. But the length of a KotH game is just too much with how poorly this game runs half the time. In Guardian, when you get a bad match, it can be over quickly. But in KotH, you’re stuck for AGES. And if you don’t have a full squad, you’re bound to have a quitter in Round 1 and be stuck wasting away in a match for a good length of time.

Again, I get it. But they killed my primary mode thus killing my desire to play this game. I barely play KotH anymore and when I do I am one and done.

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Good list of bug fixes and changes, really impressed, even though they should have been fixed a while ago, pleased they have been fixed.

The less said about the achievements the better.

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Someone had a bad day here as well :joy::joy:

Edit: Must admit I frightened myself when I saw Ghost’s name there.

The character totems being XP based seem good. I’ve started to not be bothered doing them and still on 83% for Drone, Kantus and Jermad. I’m wondering if Operation 2 totems will become XP based. 60k would have been fine but 30k is okay. Not going to complain.

I was wondering if that was Anthony Carmine in the picture.

32 cheevos for 290 GS seemed weird. The PvE achievements seemed easy, even if I’m not bothered to actively go for them. There’s no mention of Seriously 5.0 part 2. Re-up 30 achievement was welcome but could have done 40 and 50. I don’t mind if XP becomes shorter, all the way to 50.

The part about AI less likely to use long ranged weapon in close quarter, this applies to Claw drones and HB?

I didn’t know you could trade sidearms while primary and secondary weapons dropped.

When hijacking Dropshot scion, the aiming had been off. So I’m hoping that’s fixed, if that’s what it meant by being broken.

About nades / grenades being patched, it’s a good thing. It was starting to get annoying having to be out of action to trade with Keegan. And I avoided this recently. I wanted to do runs legit without Keegan going all out grenades. But I’m not sure how passing The Blight will be possible now. It’s really hard and haven’t beaten without the grenades thing.

So when dying while ult active is patched, it was kind of forgiving when gotten killed and wasted ult. But I think I have been using this as JD to do the ult suicide. So this is probably patched… no big deal since JD can suicide with Boomshot now. Another free way without buying grenades or taking a while to kill self to enemy.

I suspect this only concerns Coop vs AI and Versus backfill bots.

So on Beginner, they always use Lancer and never change to Gnasher. They should be changing to Gnasher… It will make it slightly harder for people looking for easy farming off bots.

Keegan without grenades is a eunuch on tougher difficulties. Good job taking his bread and butter away, TC.

Re-up 30 is monstrous, I hope you guys have some serious XP events lined up, and I’m not talking about the standard “if you have Boost” crap either. Can we please get a triple or quadruple XP event? Even if it’s just for a weekend?


Keegan doesn’t need grenades. As long as he finds explosive weapon, it’s all good to go. Finding many grenades are a bonus. Some of the maps are already easy without Keegan needing Frags and duplicating. The Hive, Hunters, Ice Queen, The Mines… etc.

An advice is to go for ribbons if you want more XP.

Keegan still kills it with Boomshot, Dropshot and Salvo. The frag duplication glitch really isn’t necessary to make him be very useful.

And they mentioned making the XP curve lower, but frankly, the damage is done at Reups 16-20 and not after 20 so unless existing requirements are cut in half or more, changing how the XP requirements are beyond Reup 20 is missing the goal nearly entirely.

^ This

I know TC are reworking it, but even so, Re-up 27 is 25% of the total xp to Re-up 50 (there or there abouts). 9% of the total xp is needed for Re-up 20, which is a grind in of itself.

It just seems a bit silly to put this as an achievement if you know you are going to rework it.

And without boost, its pretty much impossible for any person. Funny way of getting money TC. Very funny.


Why would you want to suicide with Boom as JD? Just so Jack can Smelt your Gnasher a bunch?

I was going for ribbons and it was going good, until you and LSD went and told TC about the Death From Beyond farming method and got it patched after y’all got re-up 50. LOL