Gears 5 this game turns off my consolexbox series x

If it helps anyone I just received this email.

Hi there,

Thanks for your patience whilst we work through tickets.

Can we please ask if this has been resolved with the most recent update. If not we will escalate this further.

All the best,
Gears Support Team

I couldn’t really give them a good answer because I uninstalled it and my internet isn’t fast enough to install and test quickly. I will install it again tonight maybe and try tomorrow just so I can give them an answer.

If any of you are having this issue at the moment though it is probably more helpful to submit a ticket. They have a lot of tickets to go through so replies aren’t super fast but they are working their way through them. This way they have the information of the problem first hand.

the last update of the game, had given me hope, but unfortunately it keeps turning off, it’s good to know that they answered you, but the problem persists If my experience is of any use to you, but you can check it out for yourself, I updated yesterday, so I remembered my post and stopped by again haha.

I sent them an answer that there are several posts on the forums talking about the same issue. I appreciate you letting me know. It takes me forever to download a large game.

any news friend?

investigating all this time I found the coincidence of failure in consoles with date of manufacture August 21

it’s all i have

You gotta send the xbox in bro. I just had this happening to me with my xbox last week i finally sent it in. Its under warranty. Just log into the email u use for the xbox and click on devices and you can open up a claim there. I sent in the xbox on a tuesday and got it back friday.

The xbox they sent back stopped crashing. But it now would suddenly close the game and send me back to the home menu but it has only happened 2-3 times in the last 5 days which is not bad at all. Before it was completely shutting down like twice every hour.

Feels good to be able to just play non stop without suddenly crashing and making my team lose

Yes. Feels good to be able to finish Hives and Frenzy runs without the fear of being disconnected at the helipad/Wave 12. (@GhostofDelta2 fun times :crazy_face:)

(I still get nervous planting those flashes at the end, being careful not to hit THE SWITCH and send myself into the Shadow Realm)
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thank you very much friend, it was perfect with all the games except this one, I hope they give me a new console haha

but I’m afraid that in Mexico the guarantee is not as efficient

They sent me back a refurbished one. But I don’t mind, it’s still under warranty and a working refurbished is better than a crashing new one in my opinion. It took about 9 days for me to send mine in and get one back and that was without using the express shipping.

It got worse for me.

Gears 5 just bricked my PS5, burned my Nintendo Switch and set fire to both my cat and my 500 hour+ Elden Ring save file.

My cat was an ■■■■■■■ so who cares but my Elden Ring save fi…nah screw that game.

You need to socially distance your consoles from those items if they are put in danger by them lighting on fire.

That’s some powerful stuff right there to brick a console it can’t even go inside of. Might need some of that when the next console war starts off, got any spare? My Gears 5 doesn’t seem to be made of the same material. I’ll handle it with care and keep it isolated until needed.

I blame cross contamination by the fornicator, also good to see you dont care about that ■■■■■■■ cat of mine. May he rest in ashes.

It really depends on how you define ‘care’ in this context. It doesn’t sound like you’re too sorry about the cat, but I might be.

I have to ask though, was it an actual cat or a cardboard cutout placed too close to the Switch when it lit up and sneezed its embers everywhere?

I dunno i was

Incredibly it stopped happening, was it a period of conditioning of the console? Did a system update or the game itself remove it? Or was it because I changed places? Anyway, it stopped happening and I finally enjoyed the game to the fullest!! a greeting