Gears 5 this game turns off my consolexbox series x


I got a Series X day one (lucky me, I have three different friends who are Gamestop managers and they were able to snag me one) and no game yet has turned off my console. I play games or run video apps on it nearly every night.

The worst things to happen so far in Gears 5 are some sound cut-out bugs that require a restart to fix and the very occasional sudden crash to the dashboard, both of which happened on my XB1 too. If your Series X is having issues, that’s not normal. It sounds like something’s faulty with your console.

Here in Mexico I have already heard and checked more than 10 cases so it is not my console only, and I repeat only with gears 5 it happens to me.

metro exodus for more than 7 hours in a row without problem just like with other games

Right but if it’s one game it sounds like a software issue, not a hardware one.

Plus where you live doesn’t really matter. All the Xboxes are manufactured in the same place.

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gears 5 is one of the most beautiful games, and its action is fun, it is sad and annoying not being able to enjoy the game because of this problem, what can I expect? an update? Or that the Coalition can fix it?


Dunno if this may work for you but if you want a couple days of gaming, you can try uninstalling then reinstalling the whole game. Every time I do so, I am able to play without any trouble for a couple days before it inevitably comes back.

Although depending on what part of Mexico you live, your download may take a while.

have the same problem?

Yes, my Series X also shuts itself off if I play Gears 5, and only Gears 5.

After all kinds of other failed methods, I decided to finally uninstall.

A couple days later, I reinstalled just for the sake of it. And was able to play for like 5 days before it started to shut the console off again. Rinse and repeat for 2 other times.

In short, if you want like 3 days of playing the game without issues, you can uninstall and reinstall the game.

thanks for your answer, but then the Coalition or Microsoft should consider fixing the problem, uninstalling and installing constantly does not come close to a solution, especially with my internet speed.

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Lucky you i guess. It only happens with Gears5 for me. No problems with any other game including borderlands3 which others have mentioned.

(had the oneX since they were released)

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As an update, with hibebusters there is no problem, I have been in for more than 4 hours and without a problem, I think it is a failure of the main campaign

Finally got a series x … Played multiple hours on Forza, halo, etc.

45 minutes into Gears 5 tonight, console shuts down playing ranked.


First of all, I’m not going to apologise for saying this again to everyone.


I had one that did the same. Sent it back and the new one has been fine for 3 months. Not one single power off.

I’ve played hours of escape, horde, versus and played the campaign again in that time.

There are other games that do it, just not all games. Do a bit of research using a search engine of your choice.

It’s a wasted breath at this point.

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How can you fail with just one game?

With the problem of stock, the guarantee can take months to here in Mexico and if it may be the only option, I already went through 2 series x with the same problem :confused:

Same error
series x … Played multiple hours on any game.

Gears 5 , console shuts down playing ranked.
ONLY Gears 5

@RelaxingKoty well that’s scary stumbling across this and your guys’ responses, hope I don’t have to do that lol

I randomly applied for the all access thinking I’d get denied again like I did the 1st time, but I got approved and it’ll be here on the 28th, guess I underestimated how much my on time bills improved my credit since then lol

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Have you tried playing NBA2k22 or cod vanguard?

Play those and report back.

Also would be please explain your logic as to why I’ve not had any issues in the 3 months since getting my console back? Along with 2 other friends who’s series x hasn’t turned itself off in 6 months whilst playing hours and hours of gears. One of them plays ranked for hours every week.

@GB6_Kazuya moment of truth tomorrow if I have that problem or not lol

It came way earlier than expected, got it all set up and both my main games installed… then had to get ready for work smh.

Off tomorrow though, so I’ll be diving into both games, but I’m actually more anxious to check out Gears just cause I know there’s alot of differences, nothing to major but you know what I mean, curious to see if there’s anything noticeable lol other than load times, did already notice that cause I did hop on the other game real quick, just to do the daily present thing they got going on (and got my Series X/S exclusive Marcus style right away too lol) and noticed it loaded WAAAY quicker.

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