Gears 5 this game turns off my consolexbox series x

Help! this game turns off my console


Happened to my buddy and he had to send a ticket in to Microsoft and send his console back to get a new one returned to him.


Sucks dude.

Hope that doesn’t end up happening to me…

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This. Same buddy :joy:.

Also happened to me and it was beyond aggravating. Don’t waste time trying anything else other than contacting Microsoft Support to arrange a “repair”, which most commonly results in a “refurbished” console being sent out.


Got mine release day last year and haven’t had any major problems. Borderlands 3 and a few other games crash alot but I think that’s just a problem with those particular games.


This is another reason why I haven’t bothered buying series x, and I’m currently happy with my series s.

Not sure if people are seeing my messages in previous posts/threads.


That is all.

Some people can’t be bothered to “search” it up.

Hopefully :ok_hand:t2:.

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Buy a PC

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The games crashing and the Xbox turning itself off are 2 different issues.

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I know

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no other game, causes the problem :confused: I already changed it once for the same problem in the store :frowning:

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I have a One X and gears 5 will cause it to power off from time to time. Usually when a ton of particle systems are going ape. i.e. Fire, shock, or ice in Escape/horde.

It’s the game causing a memory dump.

Yet my 3+ year old One X has never powered off from Gears 5 a single time and extremely rarely experienced any crashes.

Strange. My Xbox One S had no issues running it whatsoever.

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That’s what I thought at first but I got so fed up with it and searched for people online with the same issue. They suggested sending the console off for repair/replacement.

I’ve now had my “refurbished” console for over 2 months and has not turned itself off once.

I’m no expert but I’ve read it could be a faulty/poor quality power supply.

Edit: just seen you have a one x. However, I know a few people with a one x who play daily and never get shut downs.

Can you really say Gears isn’t causing the issue when it’s literally the only game causing consoles to shut down?

In my case, these past few days… play Forza Horizon 5 for 8 hours = no issues. Play GTA SA Remastered for 6 hours = no issues. Watch movies across different streaming services for 6 hours = no issues. Play Halo Infinite multiplayer for like 3 hours = no issues,

But god forbid I tried to play ONE Frenzy game the other night. Literally hard crashed the console by wave 5 SMH.

Anyways, I know you’re simply a messenger of “Get a console swap!” Just got triggered by the fact that no other game/app is able to crash so many consoles.


My first console = turned itself when playing gears.

My second console = hasn’t turned off once in 2 months of playing gears almost daily.

That would point to a faulty console.

There are other games that have reports of causing it. Cod vanguard and NBA 2k22 are two of them.

I am a messenger of being someone who paid £450 for a Microsoft console to work with a Microsoft game.

It’s free to sort out and I’m sure you can cope without a games console for a week if you don’t have your old one.

Do you have an x ​​series? currently playing gears 5 in campaign mode There it causes me problems, sometimes after an hour, two or even 3 but it always turns off