No matter the settings, no matter what solution a tired, blurry as hell. So many people have the same issue.

Why we can’t get a patch? Or anything? Or a communication from anywhere?I don’t know what should i do, I only have game pass because Gears 5, and it is unplayable. Looks like Minecraft,

My pc:
R9 380 2 GB
8 gb RAM
i5 4590 3.3 ghz
I don’T have SSD, so please don’t say i should buy one, beacuse the official system requiments does not inlcuded.

What version of Minecraft are you playing?

There is special Minecraft SSD.

Try with that one.

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Minecraft just keeps looking better, sharper. That company knows how to maintain an online multiplayer game.


Thanks for the “help” guys. This is the Gears 5 community, no one cares the troll comments, jesus, but thanks. Really. Thanks. Thank you. This was very helpfull. I am glad your comments. This could help. Thanks. And yeah, your comments was very funny. Thanks for the help.

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