Gears 5 Tech Test Thoughts/Opinions

Right from the onset, I’ll admit that I’m not the best at GOW multiplayer. With that being said, there are some things that I ran into while playing. I’m not sure if the following has been anyone else’s experience, but thought I’d share anyway.

Knife melee (B)… I don’t like it. IMO, the knife should remain relegated to the cover mantling executions. Weapon specific melees just feel better. It felt really weird using the Right Bumper to chainsaw :flushed::thinking:

Button input delays…
Everything felt super slow. From the active reloads to evades to trigger pulls to taking cover. There seems to be a weird sort of delay between button presses and the corresponding action taking place.

The Inverse omen…
Maybe not for the best players. For me this was a huge issue as it made it (again, for me) difficult to see what was taking place on screen.

I don’t know how big an issue this would be in the campaign and horde… escape, but in VS where things seem a bit more frenetic, it was distracting.

Weapon Recoil…
I remember the way that the retro lancer kicked up in GOW3. It took some getting used to, but eventually became easy to master, but (this may be just my opinion. Again, I’m not the best player) all of the weapons seem to have this ridiculous recoil. Some stronger than others to the point where some weapons seem useless in a firefight. The lancer used to be my go to weapon and now it seems difficult to get a down with it, let alone a kill.

Again… these are just things that I experienced and may not even be universal complaints. I am still looking forward to the release of this title. Hopefully some of these things will be addressed before release or we will at least be given the option to turn some things on/off to accommodate our individual play styles.

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