Gears 5 Tech Test - Status Update

Tech Test Weekend 2 is now live!
Any service updates will be posted right here in this thread. We’ll unlock the thread if something major comes up.

Tech Test Weekend 1 is now over
Thanks so much for playing! The Tech Test will return July 26th at 10am PDT.

[Update: 10:20am PT - 7/21]
We recently released another server-side update targeting matchmaking reliability and decreasing wait times.

Our initial data indicates major improvements. We’ll keep you apprised of any other updates as the team continues their work.

[Update: 4:45pm PT - 7/20]
We have deployed a server-side update to address a match result issue.

Our team is continuing to work on improving squad matchmaking and addressing the 0x00000d6e error.

[Update: 10:00am PT - 7/20]
Tech Test continues to show stable performance following our server-side updates yesterday.

We are currently focusing on the following issues:

  • Periodic difficulty in matchmaking as a squad
  • Player removal from squads
  • 0x00000d6e errors

[Update: 1:35am PT - 7/20]
Our Live Services team have deployed additional Tech Test server side updates that have continued to improve overall stability.

At this time, we are monitoring their impact. If unexpected issues occur, we’ll provide further updates.

[Update: 11:10pm PT]
Following our server-side deployment, we are seeing promising signs of improvement in Tech Test matchmaking.

Our team is continuing to work on remaining issues and carefully monitoring the results of the latest deployment.

[Update: 10:15pm PT]
We have deployed a second server side update for the Gears 5 Versus Tech Test as we continue to make progress on resolving the issues.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on any developments as work continues.

[Update: 9:00pm PT]
The team are continuing to work hard on known issues following the server-side update at 8pm PT to assist our troubleshooting.

Thank you for your continued patience. We’ll continue to keep you updated as much as we can.

[Update: 8:00pm PT]
We are about to deploy a server-side update to the Gears 5 Tech Test. There will not be any visible changes, but this will allow us to better troubleshoot the known issues. You may be kicked out of a match when this happens. Apologies for any inconvenience.

[Update: 7:00pm PT]
No new update - but the team are working hard on known issues and will be continuing to do so in the hours ahead. If you can, keep solo queuing into Arcade as it’s helping the team troubleshoot!

[Update: 6:00pm PT]
Solo queuing for Arcade continues to be the mode with the highest success rates. The team is actively working on all modes, but we do not have an ETA for additional improvements.

[Update: 5:00pm PT]
We recommend that all players exit the game relaunch to ensure all changes have taken effect. If you see Creating Match for more than 30 seconds, please cancel matchmaking and relaunch.

Thank you for continuing to help us test the servers and the game. We know the issues can be frustrating, but this has provided us with a large amount of data to work with in order to mitigate these issues.

[Update: 4:00pm PT]
Our team continues to work on all modes. Solo queuing for Arcade currently has the most successful matchmaking.

Hourly updates will continue across social and on our Tech Test FAQ:

[Update: 3:00pm PT]
Matchmaking continues to improve slowly, with our data showing more and more players getting into games. Please bear with us as we continue to work on outstanding issues.

We will provide hourly updates on Tech Test status moving forward.

[Update: 1:30pm PT]
We have deployed an update that mitigates the Idle Kick time issue and improves match stability. Effectively immediately, we are gradually adding more players into the Tech Test.

Due to the way the Idle Kick fix works, you may still be Idle Kicked once before it takes effect. If this happens, please DO NOT reboot the game - instead re-queue. When you next rejoin, you should not be idle kicked while matchmaking.

We are continuing to work on the issues listed below. We know you want to play Gears 5, and we’re working on making that happen as soon as we can.

Finding/Joining matches, including 0x00000d6e
Changing characters in Arcade
Tour of Duty not loading

Thank you for your continued reports and patience. Our Technical Test is designed to provide a large scale launch scenario that will help us deliver the best possible experience when the full game releases this September.


U guys failed already. I tried to get in a match for an hour. No luck. Everything u just said has happened to me. Now it says I gotta wait 6 hours to get in a match. U weren’t prepared at all. I get it. It’s a test phase, but the test phase should been tested and tested before u put it out. I’m disappointed. SAD


I agree with the previous reply. You guys where horribly not ready for the test servers to even be released. You guys seriously couldint test the servers yourselves or try to for see issues that happens alot with lots of people quickly joining? Have you guys got no experience on the team?? It seems all yall did was split the players who joined in half. Or section people around before putting them all in at once and let me tell ya, that’s like putting a bandaid on a gun shot wound. We shall see if the actual game has these same issues on launch. I bet it does.


Change the button to where I can hold it down and look at score board. Tap to look at map. Minor complaint but whatever


Matchmaking issues still currently happening for comp. This is the second weekend launch I’m referring too. When coming off a roadie run, I can’t shoot for what seems like too long. I want to shoot when the head comes up, and it doesint tell you have fully been standing for a full second . This seems absurd because I cannot land shoots when trying to bob and wheev people. It’s not even a option anymore due to this. I hope this isnt ment to be a thing because if it is, why even bother getting gears 5?

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Now your saying it’s just to test your servers, but all of your mixer videos and time with dev’s said it’s also for major feedback. This is not an open beta. You guys have an idea of how many players will or can come. Get your stuff together man. U let thousands and thousands of people down.


It’s for both. Primarily, above all, it’s to test our servers having a high influx of players to prepare us for launch. This is exactly what it was designed for.

Obviously we’d prefer this was going smoothly, but it’s raising issues that mean we can learn and address them for launch to hopefully avoid this in September.


My nan could have told you that there would be an high influx of players, which would require more severs and she’s dead.


I hope tomorrow this is not an issue


Why not overprepare then scale down? With cloud servers you should be able to address load issues in just moments. It cant be incompetence because you’ve made such a great game. Failure to address infrastructure issues seems to plague TC. The community deserves an explanation why you nail the hard part of it (making a good game) and then fail on the easy stuff (server load). This literally makes no sense unless its on purpose.


Awful. Was excited to get my hands on this but now I am going to play Apex. I could understand this if this was a totally new game and stuff, but its pretty much updated Gears of War 4. Gears of war 4 had a better beta launch. and this is a newer and built on game and engine.


The ping is still high in the Middle-East region. :triumph: COME ONNN!! Use the servers.

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Yes thats Right. it was possible to play gears 4 beta - TC you know that all game pass and GP U would try to play … :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Why dont you let everyone know when you guys actually get the servers going. Not wait time to play bs. Me personally, what a bad start seeing a 3 hour wait time., after it kicks me for not pressing buttons for like a min tops. Still having respawning issues in KOTH spawning right next to enemy players just like in gears 4. Having issues with shots not registering. Hm sounds like gears 4. Maybe I shouldint even waist my time getting gears 5 when it’s the same issues as before with gears 4. But hey at least I live and learn. It would be my first gears not to get but this throw me over. This games already in gutter before it even released

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Rank takes way to long to find a match.
Arcarde. Changing your character takes too long as well. I don’t even bother at the moment.
When I try to reload my weapon something it does not recognize I am even pressing that damn button. Lost control of my character for like 3 seconds :joy: that was funny.
That is my feedback for the moment.

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Here are the issues I’ve faced since trying to play the Tech Test:

  • Arcade takes forever to load, once map has loaded there is still a loading screen faded with the gameplay in background, takes a while to actually play.
  • When actually playing Arcade couldn’t change characters, stuck as Kait and when I went to change the same loading screen was there everytime.
  • Kept finding matches in KOTH but the lobby dissolved constantly, as soon as it said loading map it would prompt with a message saying “Failed to load game.”
  • Connectivity to servers issues.
  • Wait time frozen.
  • Tour of Duty not loading.

Hope this helps.


This is both a stress test for the servers and a stress test for the players :joy:.

When I’m in a game it’s great. Otherwise I just keep getting booted back to the creating lobby timer a few seconds after the lobby is found and created.

Also stats are not appearing in addition to the tour progress.



I actually got into few matches at the end. Played arcade and KOTH.

First, there are a lot of matchmaking issues. I tried searching for arcade, then cancelled because it took too long. Searched for KOTH, got into a match just to get thrown out and into an arcade match.

The matchmaking is taking really long, and doesn’t seem to recognize if I cancel.

When i do finally get into a match of Arcade, I’m not able to change my character. I also tried playing against a full team of real players, only to have bots as my teammates.

There also seems to be a bit of lag. I played a math of KOTH where the enemies were rubber banding. Saw kill cam of someone who killed me, where I was also doing this on their screen.

Other issues I’m encountering, is that I’m not able to see end game stats, or the tour of duty.