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Gears 5 Tech Test - Official Feedback Thread

So far I’ve enjoyed most of the tech test and am eagerly anticipating the full release.
It plays about the same as Gears 4 with the exception of Arcade tossing things up like a salad, which is a fun and welcome addition in my opinion.
I see a lot of people dissing the new crimson omen, but it actually doesn’t bother any more than the original did, which didn’t bother me at all. I scarcely notice the difference and can play just the same as I always do, even at critical health. I can understand where people are coming from though, and the omen did look more intense in the Escape gameplay. It looks toned down in the tech test, more doable.
The aiming reticles are a bit weird, but not impossible. I especially like the new gnasher crosshair showing which pellets are actually hitting, I feel it helps to better estimate the distance of effectiveness. The new lancer crosshair helps with accuracy, not that it was inaccurate before, but it’s a nice touch up. I feel like that’s what a lot of these crosshairs do is aid the overall accuracy. And being able to accurately hip fire while on the move with heavy weapons was a good choice. It always sucked to have to immobilize yourself to accurately fire the mulcher or the RL-Salvo. We made do with it, but this new addition is nice.
It does feel weird to have the bayonets switched to RB instead of B. That change I’m not as optimistic about, as it seems to cause problems. I’ve tried to rev up the chainsaw and instead reload, and it’s not as responsive as before. Like in Gears 4 I could roll forward and hold B, just as my character is getting up he’ll rev the lancer. It’s just a quick maneuver I often use, but so far the tech test has shown that I’d have to walk a few steps after rolling before I can rev/charge. And then of course accidentally reloading… So this change I’m not quite keen on.
Another thing is that holding B for an execution seems to take a bit too long to activate, and it’s got the same problem as Judgment had where you punt the guy instead of executing him. I feel like having it on the Y button was perfect and really didn’t need relocation.
For future additions I hope private offline/LAN matches will still be a thing, and the option to play Horde and Escape offline as well. I don’t always have Gold on my account nor the best internet, so being able to play offline like in past games would be nice.
That’s about all I got after day 1 of the tech test. All in all I’m happy and am excited to get my hands on the main game this September. Keep it up TC.


Will your Beta rank transfer to the release??

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Doubt it.

They will wipe and start again for launch.

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Haven’t been able to play it that much because I just keep running into error codes when searching for a match or the server crashes and I get booted just about every time and to top it all off I get a 30 min game suspension in a freakin tech test for something that’s out of my control, just ridiculous. The arcade mode is just alright not really a gears of war type gamemode in my opinion.

I hope they will. You have a huge advantage with mouse and keyboard. Much faster reaction and movement.

Another thing I hope will be fixed. It seems like your weapon skins, when you change these, it’s for both your swarm character and your COG character. I want to be able to customize for each character if that makes sense.

For example in Gears 4, I have a black steel Reyna, and have therefore black steel gnasher, lancer and snub.
My swarm character is Gilded Scion, and have therefore gold weapon skins because that looks good for that character.

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They should at least offer custom skins per character.

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The main menu does not look appealing at all. I don’t know who’s in my party, Put the gamer tag name next to your party members - no exceptions. Anything else will be inconvenient. Imagine having to open up your Xbox main menu and have to look through your friends gamer pics to compare to those who are in your party just to find out who joined. That should be fixed.


I find the list in game doesn’t update once you load it.

Well, mine didn’t anyway.


I like it that you guys finally fixed players “eating shots” a term we always referred to in Gears 1-4, this means that player would not die when they were supposed to. They would take a lot of shots and not die. One thing I don’t lie, is the way you guys changed how it looks when you’re damaged. I prefer how it’s been since gears 1-4

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One thing that needs EXTREME attention is: YOU NEED TO FIX OTHER PLAYERS TAKING KILLS. If John downed an opponent and Lou kills him, it should reflect as John’s kill not Lou’s. This is one thing that has really been super frustrating in all of the Gears sagas. That is probably the number 1 most annoying thing. Please fix that before the game comes out.
One thing I liked is that wall bouncing is smoother than previous gears.


I’ll post my game feedback but you guys…


Just a food for thought:

The 10XX series are the most used and have been for a while for Steam users, I got a laptop, PC and an Xbox, I can solve my issue but if you want to target the PC Users, you MUST FIX THIS!!! It’s incredible that Gears 4 is unplayable for 2 years now and Gears 5 has the same issues, seems to me Gears 5 is reusing or is an iterative version of Gears 4.

Again, PLEASE look at this before releasing on PC because, it’s not going to be pretty, you guys should know how the PC community is, especially the Steam one. The game is going to get heavily review bombed.

Now on my overall game feedback:

  • You need to find an alternative for health. The inverse omen is too distracting, too saturated and yes, it doesn’t block visibility when aiming but you can barely see when an enemy is next to you during or after a fight. Which you guys solved one issue but introduced the same issue now somewhere else. Provide a toggle for legacy omen and Ryan’s point on stream for Stim can still work with the inverted Omen and legacy omen in the middle.
  • The select button should not toggle the points screen, it should show like in previous Gears while the button is being held down, it is annoying to get killed or not move properly because the game is stuck on the points screen and the map should still be a button press inside the points screen.
  • Issue with reloading and trying to chainsaw. This happened a lot where you try to chainsaw someone and you had used some bullets for your lancer clip. You will press and hold RB and instead of revving up the lancer it will try and automatically fail a reload instead of revving the chainsaw, therefore getting you killed.
  • I understand the team want the guns to sound more realistic, but they all sounds like shooting pea shooters and peas hitting cans. It doesn’t sound good.
  • Torque bow sounds super loud even when a bit from afar.
  • There seems to be some input latency issues on Xbox One X when moving your character and performing certain actions. It is random but it is there.
  • Keep the map voting on the main screen and not having to press X. Seen to many people, friends and myself not being able to vote or even asking how to vote a lot of times in QP matches.
  • You’re promoting Arcade as this quick in and out mode, sure that’s great, but the weapon balance in that mode it’s really bad and I understand it’s purpose. I have friends whom are not really up to what you guys do in Social Media or Streams and you guys have to keep that in mind and so have a lot of people, so they don’t know the purpose of Arcade but when they get in, they see this awful gun balance that’s supposed to be arcadey they see that ranked is not working, they assume this is Gears 5 and don’t bother with the tech test anymore or give bad impressions about Gears.
  • Title font sizes are inconsistent among screens for instance KING OF THE HILL is covered up by the middle banner.
  • Too long connecting, loading, please wait screens.
  • The bottom icons are too light in color and not prominent enough to let the users know it’s an option, might be due to map. Maybe a shadow below the text like previous gears, or a border. Same with the game log during matches, borderless/shadowless font on a game looks off/cheap.
  • Game log list actions overlap and sizes are inconsistent, everything looks like a mess.
  • Kill cam should be skipped immediately.

Will post more when I get more from the game.


gnashers have been the meta since gears 1

Can we please get an option to or adjust or delete the insane red damage income screen… it blurs the whole screen, cant see anything when taking allot of damage.


I have played a couple of games now and think it’s good, solid gameplay, but I think there could be a few improvements.


  • The gameplay feels solid, no unexpected movements when runnig etc, wallbouncing works fine for me.
  • Shooting feels fine, but sometimes there are moments where I think, ‘‘didn’t I even hit him?’’
  • Game looks well and runs fine.
  • I’ve played multiple games of KOTH, but I was always one of the/or the best player(s). I don’t know if that’s because of a bad matchmaking system, or that i’m just better than I think.


  • The active reload system feels off, in previous Gears games I was able to clinch it almost every time, but in 5 it looks like you hit the perfect, and then it is a semi perfect, it just feels weird.
  • 6 shells in a shotty is okay, but not the way it works with reloading now. Only a perfect will fully reload your Gnasher, and with the point above it is a bit annoying. I’d rather have a 6 shell shotty with a normal active realod system (where it just fills your gun anyway) or a 7/8/9 shell shotty with the current active reload system.
  • Starting the chainsaw is a pain. I know it’s because the melee option is now available with a Lancer equipped, but I’d rather have the ‘B’ button than the ‘RB’ button. In Gears 4 you also need to hold ‘B’ longer if you want to chainsaw people.
  • The health omen isn’t good. I tried it, but it just blocks too much of the vision. Yes, you can aim, but I’d rather have the classic omen. To be honest, I dont know why you guys changed it in the first place.
  • Arcade gameplay feels not like Gears, but that’s okay I guess. I guess that gamemode is focused on people who aren’t hardcore Gears fans. Though there are some things I would change. If you have a good game and get a few kills, its very easy to get a power weapon. (Btw, almost everyone takes a sniper class) But if you get that wepon, it becomes even easier killing people, but then you get in a loop where you can constantly buy power weapons making it very difficult for you to die. I played a game where I died 3 times, and just could buy a sniper straight away. Maybe there should be a cap on ‘elimination points’ so you cannot constantly buy new weapons. Oh and I think getting power weapon ammo from the ammo box is a bit unnecessary.
  • Maybe its a good idea to get a cap on how many people can get the same class in Arcade, because as said, almost everyone takes then sniper class.
  • In Escalation the manual respawn is annoying to be honest. You’ll quickly forget to respawn, which in a game of escalation could be key to winning or losing a round. I thinks it’s better to spawn automatically.
  • In Escalation it’s pretty hard to see if you’re placing the weapon or someone else. Maybe there should be a bigger gamertag or something like ‘You’re placing a weapon’ on the screen.
  • The weapon placement is a bit confusing, you have to wait until the timer runs out to confirm your selection, I think pressing A twice to confirm it is a better option. It also shortens the time between rounds, because that is one of the main reasons I don’t play Escalation, because it can be very slow paced like Warzone.
  • I think the weapon timer should be removed. People were already camping power weapons, but now with the timer it makes it even worse.
  • I think the Overwatch like elimination system isn’t a good thing. Maybe it’s okay for in arcade, but in ranked gameplay like King of the Hill and Escalation, there should be a normal kill count system.


  • Sometimes a character is dead, but the model stays. So you can see a teammates body who already died, but it looks like he didn’t die at all. It also shows the character on Tac/com.
  • When you die, the characters keep running/walking in a straight direction. It looks like anyone uses a lag switch like in Gears 2.Everyone is just going in one direction until you hit the wall.
  • I encountered a invisible enemy today, On my screen he wasn’t there, in the killcam he was standing right on front of me. I’ll add a clip of it in this post.!ApTajHTRdJ5omk08EHcPEl2743Pk?e=YNX49I

That’s it for now, maybe I’ll have more thing to say in the future.


The servers in West EU have poor performance I think, otherwise I’m enjoying the test, Hope this can be fixed before the test ends, I’d like to buy the game but don’t think I’d enjoy it with the type of lag compensation or poor server quality I experienced,

Your take on kill stealing is wrong I play to win not play to get a higher KD ratio. If someone is down I am killing them and I expect the same

[PC] Can you put in a game option to be able to use the Chainsaw/Retro charge on the Melee key bind instead of Reload? Using the Reload key [R] for the chainsaw/retro charge is a bit jarring, and that’s because you can’t fully use the movement keys. You cannot move right [D] while using said actions because your index finger is situated on the Reload key so you’d have to resort to using the mouse to turn the camera instead of just using the movement keys. Whereas if say you have your Melee key bind on V you can still use the movement keys freely without resorting to the mouse. Other than that I do enjoy the gameplay, thank you! <3

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Please take out character load outs and the upgrade features in verses. This is Gears of War, not Call of Duty.


Well so far the beta is completely different gears game than 4 but it’s a few issues that need addressing, 1. The game is too dark in places that makes it hard to see anyone in cover even with the brightness all the way up so it needs more lighting. 2. The roadie run needs to have a cool down it’s been used too much in gun fight like gears 4 just a small cool down would do. the roadie run the wall cancel defo needs a cool down I know it’s the main mechanic for wall bouncing but it’s being use to much in matches if you going to bring new people in gears 5 that’s needs sorting straight away. 4.the reload bar needs to be shorter on all weapons it takes ages to reload any weapon in gears 5 especially in gunfights so some improvements on that. 5. The weapon cool downs for pickup need to be shorter just a tiny bit there moments where it takes to long to get the weapon you want. 6. Needed for newer players an on screen aim when blind firing. 7 the kill cams need improvement there are times where you don’t see your death can at all. Everything else in the beta so far is ok. the rifles are spot on. the Gnasher is no problem at all.

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