Gears 5 Tech Test - Official Feedback Thread

I’m having the same problems what system are you playing on many say this is a problem on the Xbox One X because of input delay or something. I’m guessing some people aren’t getting the movement delay cuz I see some posts that say the movement is good but there’s clearly like a 2 to 3 second delay when I play the test.

In my defence I feel that the game is in a really good state but some friends and I really think that the would be better if you guys would be able change this stuff it would make it better:

  • The movement system (getting in covers, running, walking, jumping, switching barriers and crawling) feels much much slower than in previous games. (By having this changes players could feel more familiar with the game since players that are experienced with the game can do stuff like “Wall Bouncing” can be done like in previous games, and new players can get more comfortable with a game that is a little bit more fast passed)

  • Weapons like the “Gnasher”, “Longshot”, and grenades doesn’t work the same as it did before let expand in this :
    •The “Gnasher” has some big problems like two people holding the “Gnasher” can be standing at the same distance lets say 1 m and one of the doing more damage than the other (there being times were me and an enemy are at the same distance I do 67% and they kill me in one shot)

•The “Longshot” kind still works the same as it did before one problem that I found that happened to me sometimes is that I do a headshot and it doesn’t kill in one shot and a hitmarker pops up instead, maybe making the “Longshot” do a little bit more damage like 5% more could fix it

• Another thing are the grenades there being times that a I throw a fire grenade and it hits an enemy it doesn’t always instakill it instead doesn’t do damage the fire still erupts but the fact that it doesn’t always instakill makes it a waste, the flashbang seems a good addition but most of the times that a flashbang explodes it doesn’t blind or stuns there being times were the flash explodes right in my face but it doesn’t stuns me nor flash me, and the smoke grenade is just a little thing by trying the game out I noticed that smokes are now activated by contact and that seems fine there just like 1/10 or more smoke grenades doesn’t always explode in contact

  • Arcade from what people have told me and from what if read Arcade is for new players to get use to the game but in my opinion the game mode is not such representation of how the game is played because nowhere on a normal game like TDM, Escalation, King of the Hill, or Dodgeball you use a buying system that seems more like a mode for trying out weapons or a simple fun extra mode and not part of the main modes if you want to teach new players how to play you should add a tab that includes all the tutorials on how to play each mode of their choice or on how to use the core mechanics (like the one featured in the test) or a mode that pairs them with players that are new to the game like the one added to GOW 3

  • I now that I talked about how you should put more tutorials but if I am real the tutorial featured in the test seemed a little bit slow passed for the experienced players like myself but seems great for new players with this I am trying to say is that you should make the tutorial optional at the beginning if some players doesn’t want to do it.

But I really think that the game is really good and just with a few changes it can be a fenomenal game

Things. I liked
:+1:t2:Love Tour of duty and earning medals to gets weapon and character skins :+1:t2:Servers were pretty smooth
:+1:t2:Gnasher is really consistent
:+1:t2:Chainsaw is satisfying again Along with hearing some one using it at a distance
:+1:t2:The ease of changing weapons or character skins swiftly With being able to inspect the weapon skins
:+1:t2:Being able to jump off railings if your cornered giving more flexibility with gameplay
:+1:t2:Love the death crimson omen
:+1:t2: Paring people with the same ping

Did not like.
:pushpin:No waiting lobby to see my friends when I invited them or able to hear them
:pushpin:Inconsistent active reload with the lancer
:pushpin:Enemy’s you gib still look like meat chunks and don’t have organs shown
:pushpin:Ending round commentators sound flat or monotone with out some sort of music
:pushpin:Score board was harder to access
:pushpin:There needs to be Solutions for dealing with quitters in any mode

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I know this is a very small thing but why change the game’s title after 13 years and 6 games ? Can we please make it Gears of War 5 ?


For me, most things are going decently enough but i’ve hit a few snags.

One of the executions, the UIR Rifle, i think, is hitting the wrong spot. It’s the old Execution from the Longshot but the impact is on the spine, not the head. The head still explodes as if it were struck, though.

twitch controls are completely shot, for me. Especially with the dodge rolls. I will constantly be going to jump into, out of, and around combat and other hazards but the controller will send me in a previous direction, even after testing specifically FOR this.

Movement while crawling has become excessively unreliable, as well. I get forward is the fastest and other directions is slower, but even then, it’s a drudge to the point that even turning is completely useless. I’m constantly stuck on cover, blocked by corners, teammates standing there will catch my character in an unmovable position. There are times where i’m right at a wall and should be able to just hobble over, but due to the poor controls, i just kind of flounder in place as they continue shooting me up. It defeats the purpose of being able to move, if i can’t even move.

Like others have said, the gnasher is a bit off. I was exploding guys in a single shot from too far away but in close range, i’m not hitting them reliably. I don’t know if that’s targeting, hit box, or lag though.

Fix the INPUT LAG on the Xbox One version! It is unplayable in the current state! Detailed INPUT LAG analysis of Gears of War UE, 4, and 5 (Bad news for Gears 5)

4 frames of controller lag over the PC version is unacceptable! You can’t have a game for tournament play with this amount of added latency!


I won’t say anything that hasn’t already been said here other than I still am not a fan of the new inverse omen. It’s just too distracting. Too much red and pulse it honestly breaks any subtly it had years ago. Cant get into it.

Another thing I noticed was game volume. The characters talk too low imo. I went into options at the end of a round to crank up the voices and they were all maxed to 10. They didn’t really say a lot of one liners with headshots too. Just some flavor of the series I hope gets improved upon.

Overall I think Gears 5 is going to be fantastic. Here are the things I liked and disliked during the tech test ! :slight_smile:


  • The gnasher feels great in Gears 5.

  • The music while waiting for a game is so cool!

  • District was a really cool map, I hope there are more like it.

  • You can see how long until a weapon or frag spawns again. I love this because if I saw the wait was 60 seconds and the ring had 40 seconds left, I knew not to even bother trying to get that weapon/frag until the next ring.

  • I love the designs of some of the new swarm!

  • I like the voices in the beginning (I know every Gears game has had this, but I just really like these new ones. )


  • Many people have said this, but the red omen makes it almost impossible to see.

  • I didn’t like the emotes because I just don’t think they fit in with Gears. I saw almost nobody use them, but this could maybe be because people didn’t know how to use them? If they stay that is okay but I feel like people in Gears would rather twirl smokes, put their pistol in the air, or pistol punch than use an emote.


  • I did notice a little glitch. You know when after you die how it shows the person that killed you for like 2 seconds before going to the kill cam? Well, it would show the person who killed you just walking straight or doing some weird stuff. Maybe it is some lag because it is trying to record that part for the kill cam? I hope this makes sense, it was kind of hard to explain.

  • Another bug I noticed was a character had no textures on him/her. It was just the plain human model running around. I took a video of it if you guys want me to post it.

All in all, I am so excited for Gears 5! I hope my feedback helps you guys make Gears 5 the best it can be!

Not a fan of the buying weapons system

A lot of good feedback, agree with most of the constructive critiques. Won’t repeat everything, but will note a few points:

  • Match making seemed uneven. I reached level 12. About half my matches, either I was the highest level character with the opposing team’s lowest level higher than me, or I was the lowest with the other side’s highest level lower than me.
  • Quitters do need to be held more accountable. I get the frustration with loosing, being on a bad team, putting up with idiot teammates, struggling with stronger players, but we all have to deal with it at some point. Finish the game and move on.
  • The one shot kill was frustrating. I could come up behind an enemy, fire my gnasher point blank multiple times dealing minimal damage, they would turn quickly and one shot me. It did go both ways, as I occasionally benefited from this flaw. Sometimes the opponent would jump around, like a time warp, causing even more frustration.
  • Weapons seem to jump around a lot more when firing, loosing any degree of accuracy.
  • Similar issue with the original Gears 1, while roadie running, if I got too close to an object/wall, I would automatically jump into cover and have a hard time getting out, jumping from cover to cover.

Overall, like the potential of Gears 5, looking forward to more testing and final release!

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I didn’t really test it, but it seemed like if I crawled without tapping A, it was ok, but tapping A, would get me stuck in place.

Before i start im playing on PC with an xbox one controller

Hi was wondering peoples thoughts on this or if i can get an answer if possible. I was playing the gears 5 tech test pretty much since launch and i noticed the movement and aiming etc felt weird so i thought it could be my sensitivity settings even after changing them it still felt odd as in clunky, slow and inaccurate. So after the tech test was done i decided to jump back on gears 4 and it just felt buttery smooth from movement and aiming just everything felt so much better i hope this is just a tech test issue and the game wont launch like this


It’s definitely slower, the slide distance is reduced (can’t say the same about slide speed)
Also, it feels clunky as there’s an annoying delay after you stop road running. You can’t shoot gnasher the same moment you stop road running, unlike in gears of war 4. Check that a couple of days later

Though I think most people will get used to such movement

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Yes definitely slower then gears 4. I hope they make movement more the same speed at gears 4. It’s hard to maneuver out of a situation or feel u can skillfully get double or triple kills cause it feels slower and delayed by a second.


“Clunky” is a very good description for the tech test. Sometimes when I view the kill cam, the way I moved does not match the kill cam of my opponent.

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I set my sensitivity exactly as gears 4, but it still felt very off. I can’t move my reticle the same way (happens when I’m not shooting so it’s not just the recoil)

Movement is slow for sure and more “one dimensional”. And they removed the ability to slide mid-roll (before your character stands up). Wraparounds, back As, reaction shots, up As, wall cancels are all there but they removed this. Aside from the fact that it’s thrown off my gameplay, it doesn’t even make any sense.

Also can not reload while using tac com now.

I hopped back on gears 4 after the weekend and my first thought was “damn I’m gonna miss 4.”

I’m just not as hyped as I want to be about 5. I hope the movement gets better.


The new inverse omen literally gives me a headache and is extremely distracting when I fight more than one person close to mid range. It pretty much gets me killed almost every time someone flanks me because of how obscure the entire screen becomes. At the very least, lower the opacity of the blood stains in and around the corners. Just a thought.


TC, Its clear that yall are super proud of the new inverse omen and you truly believe it was a beneficial change for the game. But I freaking hate it! Lol, my buddies hate, and from what I’ve read the vast majority of the community hate it. Maybe some adjustments will make it better, but honestly I just want it gone. All it is, is a notification of your current health, it DOES NOT NEED TO FILL UP 80 PERCENT OF THE SCREEN. Some small indications will suffice so I can continue to body kids without be blinded by a red screen. Hopefully adjustments are made. Thanks TC


Okay so with all that has been said, I agree and disagree in a couple of changes compared to Gears4.

The active reload sequence with the shotgun must be added to competitive modes of Gears5. Gears isn’t gears without a nice clean active reload shotty that will win a battle against two regular shots from two opponents.

Gears was meant to have trucks in it, the gameplay of people who can actually put the team on their back without any help should return, Every gear should have a chance at taking out the entire team with a shotgun, it’s what kept gears popular in shooting games.

Second, the searching system is completely dead now, waiting on the Gears coalition search engine is my biggest pet peeve for this game. Gears4 needed a change and so does Gears5. 5-10 minutes just to get in one game and then gotta go through it all again, this is a big disadvantage for the gears who actual love playing back to back ranked games, something needs to change here big time and this game’s ratings Gears5, will look much better verse it’s old version Gears4.

Third, is the laggyness and delay of every weapon vrs weapon shooting. There’s a lot of problems here where sometimes the omen will confuse and blind you from your initial target also please make it possible for us to shoot faster bullets with actives and/or add an alternative to the lancer/shotgun combination. There’s a big problem with originality on some battles and which either weapon gets over used to a point where there’s no objective in the game mode but to not run into the opposite team, because nothing was working for the team without the power weapons.

Last please add distance to healing, I think people heal to fast vrs getting away. Original one needs to be added back as well as an option to create your own online custom gears since there’s thoughts on adding weapons that can only be purchased. Give some excitement to the multiplayer for every gamer by giving us our own option of creating a multiplayer gear that no one else can create, through ranked and achievements.

No, god no wtf are you doing to this game?
Changing the actives timing after a decade and having them as unbalanced as they are? No
Nerfing bouncing slide speed and pretty much cover all together which is the heart of gears & just the fluidity of what was the movement in GOW3/4? No
Changing the weapon execution to B…knife execution to B chainsaw to holding RB yet you still duel with B? Wtf? No
I dont understand why you didnt take 4 and just make it better how is your second game worse than you first?
Who tf does TC think they are? IDC if you like doing ■■■■ a certain way for over 10 years and then just changing it all up but I want my controls left alone. This honestly felt like Judgment gameplay with the rifle focus and tunings and robotic gow2 like movement.
Seemed super gimmicky.
You guys changed a bunch of beloved ■■■■ with this and really it was painful to play…51 levels in the tech so i really did try to enjoy it…
Moving faster with your pistol out but slow like youre trying to run underwater when sliding and swat turning with your gnasher out? No
It has never been so easy to get a headshot with the sniper embar and markza. Just ridiculous. No
Why do you keep lessening the skill gap required to do well at this game? It really hurts but im thinking its preorder cancellation time. Time to move on find something else and play 4 if I have the itch.
If you had madethe movement like you can slide with the marcus character in arcade the default across all modes and got over your fantasy of letting rifles vs shotguns close range this couldve been so much more enjoyable.
The % moved to the bottom which are covered by any ribbons? No
I dont like less gnasher shells or what was done with most of the crosshairs.
My enemies and teammates running into walls after dying is so so so stupid…like the dumbest thing ive ever seen. Why do you guys want to kill the spirit and vibe of GOW?
Honestly I can tell why it isnt Gears Of War 5. This isnt Gears Of War. This is Gears 1. I appreciate you guys getting a salary to totally ■■■■ my game franchise up all while getting to make your own.
Escalation now? No
Bringing back Dam and Foundation? Wtf bro. That wasnt exactly the bell “classic maps” rung.
Please scrap this game youre about 12 months from release and thats 80 hour weeks…Im being serious. Release the campaign and levels as DLC .
Btw gears 2 would literally cover your screen in blood and.even that was better than your omen. No