Gears 5 Tech Test - Official Feedback Thread

I like the gun butt melee opposed to the knife because when landing a hit it felt solid when it connected. However the knife feels lifeless, perhaps because of its smoothness, it does not feel like that rough punch a gear in bulky armour would deliver. The stun from a gun butt melee in past games was great for control and setting tempo in a close quarter exchange. Furthermore, the knife with its quick slash seems like something to smash and mash in panic with no strategic use.
The Lancer melee is also problematic. By switching the chainsaw rev to holding the reload button, it takes away one of the lancers great advantages: being able to chainsaw with an empty magazine. This now leads to an automatic failed reload and puts the player in a very weak position. The Lancer should be kept as chainsaw only OR the right stick should be option for gun butt/knife (preferably gun butt) and B should be chainsaw rev.

Cover & Mobility———
I have found wall bouncing to hold up in some areas of maps and in others, not so much. Narrow hallways seems ok. There does seem to be a weird delay or maybe an unregistered action input when snapping to walls on staircases or trying to snap to a wall that is 45 degrees to the player.
When DBNO trying to crawl near a wall gets very choppy and buggy.

Damage & Headshots———
Im not a fan of headshot deaths from rifles. DBNO is one of many things that makes GOW stand out. But with instant headshot kills from lancers and hammerbursts I wonder ‘whats the point? Why not just die from body shots as well’. This lane of thinking mixed with a Knife melee and kill cam, stink of Call of Duty, not GOW. Whats next, kill streaks? Although the thought of attack wretches brings a smile to my face, it just not GOW.
Personally I would like longer gun fights. GOW4 had damage and health perfect. Killing and dying are too fast in this tech test.

If possible it would be nice to clean up the screen when taking damage. 3rd person shooters are great for giving a sense of peripheral vision but the new damage reticule takes that away. GOW4 was best.
Personally I could do without hit markers. Bring back a red crosshair when aimed at enemies.

The splattered marks custom seems unnecessary. Unless there is an option for bright green blood after an execution, the blood stain wont matter in a gun fight.
(Please don’t add bright green blood stains. It would totally take out any immersion that might have previously followed. It might be fun as an easter egg but its not something you want to see in every match)
This is GOW not Fortnite!

Random Class (JD/Drone) - this class is fine, except i always seem to get the same weapons when purchasing… e.g overkill/retro, shocks and cryo/mulcher… think it needs a bit more randomness lol.
Also, why is JD the random class instead of Kait?! The classes arent in the same order for Swarm/COG and its just annoying. Put them in the same order or switch them.

Grenadier class (Marcus/Grenadier) - The Enforcer in Arcade is OP, it’s literally 1/4 clip per kill, and allows for very easy access to multiple Gnashers. I think reducing the enforcers range should balance it. The spikey mace (forgot its name) is a pretty useless choice over the Gnasher aswell, especially when you have to get close to people to use it while everyone has high powered rifles.

Sniper class (Fahz/Sniper) - The kills required for the longshot need extending, with the ability to get 2 eliminations for 1 headshot just allows multiple players to abuse this class and effectively camp the rest of the game. Along with the new Aim-Assist popping heads has become incredibly easy!

Heavy class (Del/Scion) - Barely anyone uses this class and for good reason… the weapon choice is terrible with the sniper class always on the lookout it just makes this class the easy target. I think the weapon choice should changed, maybe have the Buzzsaw @3 kills, along with the Boomshot @5 kills and the salvo/Mulcher @7 kills.

Hunter class (Kait/Hunter) - I feel like this class is fine in my opinion, it just gets out shined by the other classes at the moment.

Further to this, what will happen in the full game. Will we be forced to choose a class by character, or can we still use our own character and just pick a class? Either way they need to be in the same order for both teams - even though its a minor issue.

All of the new swarm look amazing, but does anyone else want them to keep the gears 4 grenadier (not the elite they have in 5 but the regular one)? I think he looks awesome and hope that the one in 5 is closer to the one in 4 than the elite grenadier that I have seen in the Tech Test.

This Gears 5 makes me depressed. The guns shoot different, the movement is slow and weird. One thing I don’t like about the gnasher is that it seems to zoom in way to much when aiming which throws my pop shots off. The lancer is all over the place. To me gears 5 was made for people that play other shooter games to feel more comfortable in gears and left the gears gamers to deal with it. Gears 4 was such a good edition and actually made things amazing. Gears 5 just needed to be a little updated version of Gears 4. Didn’t need a total change. Just hoping the campaign is good now. Kind of wish they would cancel the release date and put things back the way they were.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Okay so first off, I really like the feel if the game. I know a lot of people are just wanting a revamped Gears 4, but I personally like the new changes to the weapons and overall pace of the game. Now onto what I feel is the only major issue with the game.

Basically, it feels like there is an input delay on pretty much any command in game. The best way I can describe it is that when you walk, take cover, look in any direction or even pull the trigger to shoot there is the tiniest delay before the game actually puts your controller input into an action in the game. I feel it’s mostly noticeable when trying to wall bounce or take cover and also look around with a high sensitivity. I think what I’m describing is what others have complained about with the movement system feeling clunky or not as crisp as it was in Gears 4. It’s just that I have noticed it’s not just with movement but everything else too. It’s almost has the same feel as trying to move it aim in pubg on console. I hope that its not like that in the full release but I guess all I can do is wait and see. Has anyone else noticed or felt what I’m trying to (poorly) describe here?

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It’s not so much a delay between shots as much as its just general delayed input to in game action. I guess the best way I can describe it is that theres like a small lag from the time you push any button until the game actually does the action. It’s really small. Like probably less than .1 seconds but it can make a difference when you’re trying to hit a moving target.

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I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I like the change to the Gnasher reticle. Being able to see the shot spread is a nice idea. The changes to the other guns reticles, pointless. The new button layout doesn’t really make sense, there wasn’t anything wrong the previous layout. However, as weird and pointless as those changes are they aren’t that big of a deal. I hate the new inverted omen health system though. There are some bugs like people setting on cover, but they’re not actually there. Also, idk what is up with my connection on this game, but it’s never been this bad in any game. I can load any game even gears 4 and my connection is fine. Cool new weapons, but I still think the enforcer is the worst gun to ever be in any gears game.

I don’t know if its just me or is the ranked game modes just a gnasher fest. I’ve never played any of the previous gears’ multiplayer, so I don’t know if its always been like this. However, I feel like the lancer is useless compared to the gnasher. I never see lancers in the kill feed and I’ve yet to get a kill with it on KOTH. And i understand that most encounters in KOTH are close ranged but the lancer just does not kill fast enough to be viable in a game mode like KOTH. I’m just wondering if i am the only one that feels this way.

  • Gnasher to strong, as in every Gears game…that sucks and makes PvP not enjoyable
  • the iconic Gears Weapon, the Lancer, is to weak
  • Escalation is to long…best of 13 is to much
  • team balancing is not existing
  • Kait looks terrible
    why is chainsaw now at RB and knocking at B? chainsaw at B was fine from Gears 1-4

So currently I find Boot Camp or training grounds, basically worthless… thanks for teaching me how to aim and shoot… cause i did not know this from games like battlefield… this is completely trash information that any one will pick up. letting us know the chainsaw button has changed, fine… thats ok…

however i think there is much more useful information for new players to be granted… An example would be, arcade mode, if u down a player,let someone else take it so both of you earn an elimination. Steal my god damn kill please! its ok! this is a team based game. my k/d does not matter, id rather win. I dont see why you are telling us how to aim and shoot honestly. yes this is an excuse to see the new aim mechanics with recoil, reticle, etc. However i personally think teaching players the meta and mind game between players is far more important than teaching me rt fires my weapon…

Not sure how other think, but figured id ask the question… Do you think bootcamp is mostly useful, or mostly useless and if either why and possibly how can TC improve it more?

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Agreed. The Boot Camp seems very… patronising. Like “Baby’s First Videogame”. I’m not expecting it to teach you how to wallbounce etc, but I’m extremely confident that all players are capable of working out what button does what, and the absolute basics like aiming, shooting, and getting into cover.

I’m not totally sure what they could do as an alternative. Maybe throw in some specific scenarios like in some fighting games? For example how to slide into corner cover and fire/kill an enemy who is round the corner?Or some mini TDM scenarios where you have limited ammo and must kill all the AI bots within a time limit?

Or maybe mini games like shooting galleries using different weapons that record accuracy etc. There could be leader boards for that etc. I think this would hone some of the core skills needed better than the Boot Camp.


interesting, i never thought of even scenarios… I would in that case also recommend teaching even though it is kind of obvious but its a rampant problem. you dont have to push every fight… ya know? its small info, but it is vital… some pushes you are at disadvantage, n its not a good idea, yet numerous people constantly push with no good reason…
what ya think?

Bootcamp was a complete joke and waste of time.

You have to be lacking in common sense or be completely new to games to not know basics like that.


I just remembered some of the older First Person Shooters which had modes like this like Perfect Dark on the N64 or Timesplitters. They had shooting galleries, and mini games which awarded equivalents to stars based on difficulty (bronze, silver, gold etc) or based on how well it was completed. TC could adopt different ways to record good finishes - accuracy, ammo remaining, speed completed etc. Or score attack mini-games where you have infinite spawning enemies on a small map and have X time to kill as many as possible. These kinds of live situations will probably help newer players grasp the game better than the current Boot Camp.

Obviously there is little that will prepare you for fighting real-life players, especially the higher ranks. People just gotta learn through playing I guess! But these kinds of mini-games can be fun in their own right for seasoned players too if there was a leader board.

Another thing that sprang to mind, which is easy enough to do, is perhaps a Versus AI Scenario Mode, where you’re thrown into a specific unfavourable scenario and have an objective. TC could easily update these periodically.

For example - one scenario is, you’re dropped into KOTH and you are 120 points down, and have to recover. Or TDM where you have 2 lives and have to recover against a full team with 10 respawns or something. TC could mix it up by having you use specific weapons as well, so it teaches players how to use certain weapons in a live-fire scenario.

And just for reference, I got this idea from an old Dreamcast football / soccer game called UEFA Striker which had a mode where it threw you into real-life historical game scenarios where you had to replicate a comeback. For example Man Utd’s late come-back against Bayern Munich in the 1998-1999 Champions League Final - in the game you start on 80minutes and 0-1 down, and have to win, with no substitutions (in real life Man Utd scored 2 goals at the very end to win 2-1 - for those who don’t know. So in the game UEFA Striker you were basically trying to emulate real life). :smiley:


They hey had the right idea with the bot circle you showing you different angles can hit you and you need be mindful of that. What new players need the how’s and whys of this specific game.

Say you have a cover peice you are behind and a teammate engages an enemy. The game would give you an option or two such as this. You could A) pull out gnasher and run into the fray to assist with the take down but risk standing out in the open. Or B)You can pull out your lancer and it’s ok to do this to cause the enemy to flinch and miss shots while damaging them, but give up the kill. Both of these are viable options and should be considered.

To go further the gnasher choice gets you in the thick of it but while focusing down the first guy one of his teammates is running over to help with a gnasher as well, now it’s a very Russian roulette style outcome. Which is what the gnasher is all about, high risk high reward. If you stayed in cover to lancer you could help down the first guy, forgo the kill and start putting rounds into the second guy to soften him up for your gnasher buddy. You won’t get a lot of kills with this and the community will chastize you for it but you helped your team.

Having said that both of these are viable options to make. But the game is instead telling me something that the industry has set the standard for back when Halo: Combat Evolved came out. Hold rt to shoot. Instead of telling me when I should blind fire and when I shouldn’t.

Teach players what they can do inside the game and the decisions /plays that can be made. Killer Instinct has a great tutorial that goes from the basics of walking forwards and what you buttons do, to what a cross up is and what it can do for you.

Gears needs to give players a foundation to stand on so they can build themselves up. Instead of giving them a hammer and saying it hammers things then telling them to build a house. You need more tools and know how to do that.

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It needed a range option. Somewhere to try out all the weapons. I’ve yet to figure out the new lancer grenade launcher, and the couple of times I’ve used the drop shot, it felt way off.

hold RB to use the grenade launcher… if that is what you dont know how to use, if u are talking about accuracy, recoil to the normal MK3… it should be the same but may not be the case… testing range does not seem useful… just play private. youll get the weapons in a few minutes imo… its not needed


I was thinking, maybe you have a small room with a handfull of boxes or pillars which are moveable at the start of the game (or can be reset); and you can place a few Decoys (as in the Decoys from Horde) to create your own training room. And each time you fire and hit a Decoy, it tells you how much damage you did as a percentage. This would enable players to create their own spaces to practice and gives them direct feedback in terms of accuracy and damage dealt so they can work things out themselves. The Decoys could even be changed to move or shoot-back, but both you and the Decoy can be set to have infinite health so you can just keep going.


How would it not be useful to have the option to try out each weapon and learn the recoil patterns. Private matches work, but you have to select each weapon you either load with or spawn on the map.

And as a reminder, it’s mostly about people new to Gears.

Could also be used to show the rolls of certain weapons too. Gnasher is really strong up close but you need to get through a lot of ground and gunfire to get that close.

Have a Deebee up on a perch peppering you with a lancer and it’s your task to manoeuvre around him. Show the lancer has a limited mag and you can move then or change the angle you are relative to them. Once you complete this the end would be bodying that little ■■■■ for not being man enough to 1v1 you in a field.

On the other side of that you are on a perch and need to defend it from a rusher heading towards you. Your job is to hit him when he bolts between cover spots and when they run straight at you. Down them for thinking they can just run straight at you.

Once again this shows that angles are important and decisions need to be made. I’d even go so far as to make one that has both roles switch weapons.

Gnasher has no cover to close the gap enough to gib. So you have to switch to cause them to take cover to let you move.

Lancer would have the enemy too close to pepper so you’d have to switch to the gnasher to finish the job. The point of this exorcise is illustrate that you need the right tool for the job. And sometimes you need to not push and just wait.