Gears 5 Tech Test - Official Feedback Thread

Hey Gears fans!

As you get playing today in the Tech Test, we’ll be listening to your feedback on the overall Gears 5 Versus experience. We wanted to set up this official thread on Reddit as a home to get your feedback to us to collate to the development team.

A few reminders on the best way to get feedback to the development team:

  • Be constructive. Saying something sucks doesn’t help us know why you feel that way. Please let us know your reasoning so we can give the best feedback possible to the team.

  • Give things a try: Try to base your feedback from repeated play, rather than initial impressions. Feedback tends to change over time, so try to give feedback once you have more than first impressions.

  • This is for design feedback only: Please keep bug reports to BChaps’ great thread.

Thanks so much for playing and for helping us make Gears 5 the best it can be come launch day!

For support issues, please check the official FAQ:

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Edit: I have to stress - please make bootcamp skippable in the retail version - it’s painful to go through !

So I’m someone who has been playing Gears since the original launched and I’ve stuck with the good, bad and the ugly.

I’ve been through every update but what made me stick with Gears above all else is the unique feel.

Primarily, this is the movement and Gnasher play.

These two things are the Gears of War signature mechanics that no other game has replicated successfully or done successfully.

I’ve been gaming a lot longer before that though. Since the SNES days I’ve owned every console and handheld ever released and play every major game and a hell of a lot of non major games.

In Gears 4 alone I’ve sunk around $4-$5,000 in eSports packs and content.

I was extremely excited for Gears 5.

The biggest negatives from Gears 4 were:

-Maps; These were poor on the whole and not a lot of variety. Some of the remakes were bad choices (Slab, Drydock, Rustlung).

-Region Locks: this really made matchmaking difficult.

-Strict Matchmaking: same as above, killed matchmaking for high ranks.

But - what was solid was the gameplay and feel. Following on from UE, Gears 4 still felt like a proper Gears game. Fast and fluid!

I was so excited for Gears 5 - however, after playing it, it sadly just doesn’t feel like a true Gears game.

It’s more of a Gears of Fortnite. Or a Gears of Duty game.

Game feels very “Arcade” like.

The movement, the rifle play and so on.

It’s just so casual I feel like I just would drop in for a game or two and then just drop out.

It just feels very “flat” - lacking atmosphere, urgency, that special position feel of knowing where you are and holding down sections of the map. Not always rushing in.

Movement now feels “rubbery” and very strange and off. Just not solid and fluid. Definitely not like Gears of Old.

Too much rolling and running/bumping into walls.

Characters feel “blocky”. Everyone seems like they are stepping over you and just bundled together.

It gets repetitive and boring quick - unlike Gears 4 which was just…more interesting.

Even small things like Smokes having the noise/sounds of regular Grenades.

Flashbang should be a pickup. It’s highly annoying and loud when there 5 of them coming your way after the team respawns.

The lancer itself is like a laser - bloom was needed to help balance over distance. Now, especially good M&K players, can easily lancer / laser you down from any part of the map! Imagine 2-3 lancers on you at all time and all you got is a small amount of recoil that M&K have been used to for years.

But still, I appreciate the attempt to vary play by “Rifle Meta” but Rifles in Gears should be secondary. It’s the Gnasher and power weapons that make it fun. Not being pinned down, unable to move or play by a team that refuses to move but only rifle. Might be good for eSports Views but how many watch or care compared to playing? I saw 50K watch the e league at its height. Core audience like myself rather have an enjoyable game to PLAY and not much more care for watching.

The characters feels too stiff, blocky and somehow - slow.

Gears 4 feels a lot more solid, sure footed and predictable to control.

Gnasher is ok on the whole but there have been some iffy moments.

Ofc, the Omen is a big negative.

Health needs to regen when moving and not taking damage.

AFK timers are way too long. Should be about 2 mins as I’ve had people AKF into the next round!

Shotgun with 6 bullets just isn’t enough for me. Perhaps look at 7. I see what you did with the 6 but honestly, half my 1v2 or more ends up in a reload content :confused:

Also, the Gnasher itself feels more like shooting soft foam bullets then a nice solid shotgun blast.

It’s also no where near consistent enough.

Several times, at normal gib range, I’m hitting pellets and it’s not registering or it’s too often giving 90-99%.

Like at the same distance and same time, I could get chunked.

With it being base Competitive Tuning and then adjusted - the same problem is there. The damage drop off is really steep. So steep that a tiny bit of distance takes the gib away you. Also could be the lag too. It’s not a good experience.

Also, sometimes where you shoot - it’s hard to explain but the shot doesn’t land where you think it will. This didn’t exist in 4. It kind of wraps past where you shot or just at a odd angle.

Finally It doesn’t feel as rewarding because it’s less movement and more bot walking. Bouncing to a wall is slow and clunky and will always get you gibbed.

Reaction Shots are very OP - they can warp even more around corners than 4. You should have to be looking where you’re shooting.

All in all, this feels more like Judgement 2.0 and I was kinda hoping it would have resembled 4 a lot more because at the very least, 4 had nailed movement and feel.

To conclude my thoughts:

I know TC have their vision of what it should be like and I’m sure eSports is heavily influencing them. They want / need it to be a game that’s fun to watch. Unfortunately it’s not CoD or Arcade like with Fortnite. It’s unique in its movement and play which is what gave it a loyal following because you can’t really get that experience elsewhere. It’s now being diluted a little to fit in a more cartoon like appearance and also try and be open to more casuals who drop in and drop out. At the very least - I would hope it feels like a fast, fluid Gears game - just like 4 or even a solid base like UE. Not getting that vibe or feel from 5, sadly. I wanted to love the game and recognise it as Gears. I sadly can’t ATM.

That’s why MP has put me off massively from staying with this game. The only other Gears game I can say was the same is Judgement.

I’m someone who’s quite lucky and will spend thousands and thousands of pounds if it’s fun to play.

But at the moment - without tweaks and improvements, I’ll play campaign and retire from 5 and just hope for the best in 6.

Which is a shame because I’ve not felt this way since Judgement.

It’s a real shame indeed to have to say that Gears 5 has been a huge disappointment to myself, my friends and a lot of others.

Not because it’s trying something different or introducing different ways to play.

Just because at its core - it doesn’t feel like Gears game anymore.


Gears4 is a completely better game. The ping system is ridiculous. Doesnt make sense for lower connectivity to out play, shoot and kill someone with better faster connections. Should not see someone aiming straight, take a shotgun to the back then turn around and kill me instantly headshot. Hitting corners becomes bothersome. The wall cover and wall bounce is not what it used to be and is so slow it almost eliminates the need for cover. Taking damage is broken. Dont understand how i can spray two clips and barely get hit markers but others, specifically with really high pings, can down and kill someone between 3-5 hits. Shotgun is broken in a bad way. There seems to be a terrible delay when going shotgun for shotgun. Before it was just cancelations and neither player would take damage but now im seeing if both players take damage, whoever shots second/last gets the kill. Ive seen kill cams where someone completely misses a shotgun hit, talking about they hit the wall on the kill cam but then the second shot downs you instantly. At this point it doesnt even seem like the servers are the big issue but rather the entire gameplay. Melee is terrible. Shouldve just kept the original weapon melee, switching to be, forcing players to use the reload button for chainsaw and bayonet but then forcing a chainsaw battle to be with B is frustrating and confusing. Alot of problems with chainsaw battles. Roadie run seems like a huge set back compared to the original game and even more so from the last. It’s like this was your attempt at a game for the first time. When they said “you won our trust” despite what PC players say, us on Console really believed in TC after Gears4. At this point, scrap the game and just improve Gears4. Add the campaign as an extension.


I like the part that says the level and together says Soldier.
I think that part interests me more I don’t know the others, since it is an army so they have grades and it would be very pleasant to raise it, this has been lost since ranks over prestige came out I hope that the game conserves it.

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  1. The feel of the game does not feel like GOW4 at all.
  2. Grenades and shotguns are delayed to the point where ppl can run over them and they don’t go off until 20 seconds later.
  3. Escalation rules make no sense. They should be more like the original.
  4. Purchasing weapons doesn’t make sense.
  5. Overall this game plays like a rough draft that is no where ready for final copy.

I actually like the gameplay. Its slower and I can keep track of the enemy movements a lot smoother than 4.

It reminds me of Gears 3 and judgement put together. I know most of community didn’t fancy judgement, but I actually enjoyed it despite the COD control scheme. I also like the tuning for rank its like gears 1, rifles don’t do too much damage…keep it that way please.

The character models stand out a bit more than 4 but I think the face animations needs some more detailing.

Really all I want is more detailed gore man, seriously this game is just missing those brutal moments from Gears 1-2 it should be more detailed. Should be kicking skulls around the map, seeing bones and organs lying about. What it is now is just not enough.

Besides that I think the ranking system is the most interesting thing about versus.

UPDATE WEEKEND 2: Still enjoying the gameplay. My only 3 complaints besides the gore is the footstep audio for the enemy team, it seems to be non existent at times. The hit detection where shots clearly missed me but I go down from what the kill cam shows.

Lastly the emote function gets in the way sometimes.

For those who have issues with the rifle damage…its actually based on skill. Your going to go down faster from hits to the head for those who don’t know. It works for me.

The inverse omen is mixed I like how it looks but it does get in the way of hitting those crucial shots. But I can deal with it.


The game does not feel like a normal gears. The movement is very slow and very random. The weapons and grenade sounds just sound very cheap and old. I’m not a big fan of the grenades, they just sound and feel cheap. The same problem persist with the damage. It’s just not very accurate. Also, when going to someone with the chainsaw once you are basically killing them if someone comes and kills you the other person stays alive even tho it was already getting cut with the chainsaw. The same issue with the knife. Even tho you’ve started doing the execution if someone kills you the other person stays alive. Also the omen when getting hit it’s too much. It makes it very hard to see even after one hit. The game just feel like a cheap version for younger audiences and once again we, the ones that been following the game since the first, one are unheard. I think adding emotes is just ridiculous. I’ve overlooked many things because I keep telling myself is a tech test but I sure hope the game is better than this.


Ill give you feedback as soon as I can actually play the game without it freezing


What is up with the Lancer? All the aspects of the game are good, except Lancer. It downs way too fast, literally feels like Core Lancer from Gears 4, which everyone avoided by playing Comp. It is impossible to even get into Gnasher distance without going down in about 2 seconds from a Lancer, this is while strafing… Please guys. This Lancer is not healthy for competitive play.


My only real complaint so far is the Inverse Omen, it’s way too annoying, covers too much of the screen and it’s actually harder to tell how damaged you are. Put back the classic omen like all previous games, this should 100% be a case of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.


In regards to the game, I think it is overall solid. Some chanes personally I would feel would benefit the game is:

  1. Make movement less clunky. Im sure this is just tech test issues but I feel as if the movement could use work in terms of Cooperation.
  2. Make it easier to tell when you have a down vs a kill. I sometimes struggle to tell if I bodied or downed someone and this is frustrating at times. I think the kill feedback needs work in general.
  3. Switch the chainsaw to B and the toggle for lancer power weapon to holding B. Doesn’t feel right honestly.
  4. Return smokes to what they are. I like they got rid of the violent shockwave shake from the screen, but they need to have some form of usage except blinding literally everyone.
  5. Add an option for removing the new damage feedback. I feel like I get deathly blinded and can’t see my movements now when Im trying to escape.
  6. Return the sniper aim reticle. The new one is meh imo.
  7. Remove gnasher delay. I feel randomly there is a delay with the gnasher from certain movements that cause me to fire awkwardly. This prevents me from doing cool shots across walls without revealing myself.

I had the opportunity to play only Arcade Mode until now, so here are my impressions so far:


  • The pace of the game is better. You have to think before acting. Going “beserk mode” against enemies is not an option.

  • Maps are well constructed. You have lots of places to hide and flank enemies.

  • The arcade mode is a good experience. Each character has special perks.

  • The sound effects (specially Lancer shots) are great, the weapons look solid.

The bad:

  • I really don’t like headshots from assault rifles. Don’t know why but it reminds me of Gears Judgement, when the DBNO was eliminated. I should keep it to longshots, Torkbow, boltoks, even booms, and well aimed gnashers.

  • There are some sound bugs, specially when using the Torkbow. Sometimes things that are far sound like right beside you.

  • And one thing that is my taste; the swarm soldiers sometimes looks more monsters than “alien soldiers”. In GOW4, I didn’t play with swarm with bare feet, they should have at least some good boots and some vest that justify this kind of electric shield all characters have.

Overall, so far so good, I’m really enjoying the game, good work TC!


Will players with Mouse and Keyboard plugged into Xbox 1 be placed into PC only servers to keep a fair playing field among all players? I have noticed players with mouse and keyboard usage and it makes the game unplayble when 1 team has that advantage, and controler users are left on a spawn then die in 2 seconds cycle/


It’s just gnashers like gears 4.

I don’t wanna play cross play. Why is it only possible for me to turn off in ranked matches? It bothers me just as much in Arcade.

Please let people choose. I just played against a team where 3 of them played on PC. They turned their scope and look so quickly. I’m a good player on console, but lets face it, you have a so much better response and reaction with a mouse compared to dpads on a controller.

So please, let me also be able to turn off crossplay in arcade, social or whatever you wanna call it.


In terms of the game play, they feel a little slow in comparison to the other games, but as far as I’ve played, it’s not as bad. There are problems however in terms of the spawn killing that keeps occurring with random spawn locations, using the protection to shotgun blitz the enemy team, the feel of the guns when power reloaded don’t feel as powerful as they are supposed to be, and the lag has its issues. One such example was when after taking cover, a person was somehow still able to kill me with a headshot despite the fact that he/she was below me. The skill level with the players are also still in question as there are players that carry the entire team and keep their levels low enough to play with the more casual gamers. It also hurts all the more when the entire team knows who is really good at the game, keep the person constantly on mark, and kill them before they can accomplish anything in general; even taking five steps forward felt harder to accomplish than beating the game on the hardest difficulty.


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Can we please get some way to have the score for kills and downs to pop on screen like in Gears 3-4?

It communicates when you get a down in a far more immediate way than the kill feed and it’s far less obtrusive than the new “you eliminated” HUD when you get a kill.

As a side note, the HUD clutter with all the skulls when you get multi-kills seems excessive.


So far I’ve enjoyed most of the tech test and am eagerly anticipating the full release.
It plays about the same as Gears 4 with the exception of Arcade tossing things up like a salad, which is a fun and welcome addition in my opinion.
I see a lot of people dissing the new crimson omen, but it actually doesn’t bother any more than the original did, which didn’t bother me at all. I scarcely notice the difference and can play just the same as I always do, even at critical health. I can understand where people are coming from though, and the omen did look more intense in the Escape gameplay. It looks toned down in the tech test, more doable.
The aiming reticles are a bit weird, but not impossible. I especially like the new gnasher crosshair showing which pellets are actually hitting, I feel it helps to better estimate the distance of effectiveness. The new lancer crosshair helps with accuracy, not that it was inaccurate before, but it’s a nice touch up. I feel like that’s what a lot of these crosshairs do is aid the overall accuracy. And being able to accurately hip fire while on the move with heavy weapons was a good choice. It always sucked to have to immobilize yourself to accurately fire the mulcher or the RL-Salvo. We made do with it, but this new addition is nice.
It does feel weird to have the bayonets switched to RB instead of B. That change I’m not as optimistic about, as it seems to cause problems. I’ve tried to rev up the chainsaw and instead reload, and it’s not as responsive as before. Like in Gears 4 I could roll forward and hold B, just as my character is getting up he’ll rev the lancer. It’s just a quick maneuver I often use, but so far the tech test has shown that I’d have to walk a few steps after rolling before I can rev/charge. And then of course accidentally reloading… So this change I’m not quite keen on.
Another thing is that holding B for an execution seems to take a bit too long to activate, and it’s got the same problem as Judgment had where you punt the guy instead of executing him. I feel like having it on the Y button was perfect and really didn’t need relocation.
For future additions I hope private offline/LAN matches will still be a thing, and the option to play Horde and Escape offline as well. I don’t always have Gold on my account nor the best internet, so being able to play offline like in past games would be nice.
That’s about all I got after day 1 of the tech test. All in all I’m happy and am excited to get my hands on the main game this September. Keep it up TC.