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Gears 5 Tech Test Official FAQ

Yea but Ravens Down is the worst because of how small it is and the explosions feeling like it takes up 1/2 the map sometimes

If you don’t hate the spawns on that map…

So you are coming out of retirement to play again?

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Just look to Ultimate Edition for maps they’ve already re-created in Unreal Engine4 that haven’t been thrown into Gears4. Less work, quicker turn around time.

I hope so.

Gears 1 has fantastic maps.

As does 2.

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I never retired. Ask @ll_R_E_D_l lol.


Why has the Gnasher only six shots in the mag?

You have to be more resourceful.

If each shot does equal damage regardless of a players ping, I’m all for less is more.

Probably wishful thinking :eyes:

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Interesting less ammo and looks weaker. Looks faster to aim though.

One week and we’ll know…

If it’s too weak, it will just switch to rifle play.

What makes the Gnasher good is the ability to reward accurate players.

In Comp, you have to be so close for it to register clean shots and even then, it can be very inconsistent.

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Yup! Game looks great to me though! I love the new maps! Cant wait to try it out!

Can’t say the new maps look anything special.

I hope there are some good ones.

Want to see bigger maps tbh so in King, it’s an area toy control via the ring rather than just just corner or small part of a map.

New maps look pretty big to me. I dont know why they are bringing back Dam and Forge though. Dont really like either of those maps lol.

Mostly for the esports scene I guess.

Update for UK players who have pre-ordered from Game ( -

They have updated the product description to mention the Tech Test, so they’re definitely aware. Hopefully this will mean that they send out codes automatically and in time without customers having to enquire and bug them separately. I emailed them this morning asking for an update and haven’t had a response just yet.

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Many ,many thanks for the info,At last they now can email the codes,instead of us waiting patiently for a customer support who can help

Hey guys,
Does anyone know if GameStop is eventually going to release tech test codes for preorders in the U.S.?