Gears 5 Tech Test Official FAQ

The Gears of War Tech Test is fast approaching on July 19, 2019, and we’ve got all the details on when, where and how you can get involved!

Read the FAQ here: Gears 5 | Versus Tech Test FAQ


Looking forward to this even though I’m not big into MP.

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the PC spec image on that page is painfully small so I uploaded it here, click to enlarge further.

EDIT: cross-post!

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Hope to see you there Tony

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I’ve pre ordered the GOW5 at GAME shop but I cant see any code on my paperwork???

What is an access queue system? Is it different than prior games?

The article says to contact the retailer to obtain a code.


They only have 3 stores for sure that are offering the code to get in. Walmart, best Buy and Amazon. I am sure Gamestop will be added to this list but will need to call them and ask.

just a queue. the game will put you in a hopper so the servers aren’t overloaded with players . if you have played MMO’s in the past it’s just like that

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Couldn’t have said it better myself

You seriously wouldn’t take that opportunity if you were the first person outside of TC to play the campaign?

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He is living up to his GT man.

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Ok ok. I would play it then


Our kid @DAVID_THE_CLOWN has never played a GOW campaign before which is absolutely mental in my opinion. Can you do something about this? Maybe offer him worldwide first dibs on Act 1 of GOW5?


Love you too Pepper

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Is the picture an example of how the in-game KOTH and Escalation rings will look? Because man they look crispy

Good news for the PC family, Crossplay will be enabled for the Tech Test.

Hope to see all my EU brethren in a couple weeks time :muscle:


Oh boy. I’m dead



I’m sure I’ll be queing US servers at some point after Launch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s just majority of EU players are on Xbox, Crossplay off.

Now they will get to mingle and play against my nooby friends.