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Gears 5 Tech Test Lancer headshots?

As avid gears player who has played since gears of war the original, I have never seen this ever. Since when can a fully automatic shoot straight and blow your head off. IN JUDGEMENT they introduced a markza mk-1 that is single fire assault rifle that could headshot, in gears 2 and 3 the hammer burst had that ability as well. But the lancer since gears one has never been able to headshot. 2nd issue why would you change the controller layout and double the reload with the chainsaw/retro charge.

SINCE GEARS OF WAR the button layout has not changed. I understand the idea of adding a melee system but dont change things you could have left the B button as a tap to melee and hold to rev chainsaw/retro charge.

I KNOW you want to please the new ones coming along but if you lose the originals the ones who have road with gears from day one then you have lost at least %90 of your buyers and you can bury the Gears name permanently.

GEARS was meant to break away from uniform to bring the up close game not the run and hide game. Many ppl stayed with gears for that run and body with a gnasher fun now you are making Gears into a Call of duty type game why run up I can lancer and pop your head . The enforcer now only needs half a clip to down you Really???. You are re.oving what makes gears gears if I want to play hide and keep away all day I’ll play COD.

I Feel that arcade mode is not necessary. It is a waste of a game mode . You took social and added a function of purchasing weapons via kills and switching characters you will confuse ppl when they switch to ranked. SCRAP THAT TRASH.

Finally please please take all this feedback and actually use it. I KNOW THAT YOU GUYS ARE GONNA DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT at the end of the day if this becomes judgment 2 or ultimate edition this will be the last gear loaded in my system and can gurentee that it will be for at least 85 percent of the True Gears Population.


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