Gears 5 Tech Test | Lag and Inconsistencies

I just want to report my experience on the Versus Tech Test from a technical point of view.
I play on Xbox One X on EU servers, France. I am hardwired, 100Mo/s average, between 10-30ms on almost every game I had.
I had nearly 20 games I think, I got the chance to play on all modes.

From what I have experienced, I can tell there is something weird. Half the time I died, I got the feeling something was wrong. Just like my shots didn’t register.
Most up A or reaction shots result in me diying, my shot not even registering.
When lancering my first bullets often don’t hit neither, even on not moving targets.
So I decided to put killcam on to see if I could understand better why I die.

The result is I often shoot right on my opponent from my pov but the killcam shows that the ennemy is not where I could see him.
I also got a clip where I shot 2 times with my gnasher, but from my enemy’s pov I didn’t shoot at all.
I should indicate that in those games, nobody was over 100ms (mostly 60ms) and besides some difficulties to move perfectly (some rolls against walls when trying to take cover), the lag was not outstanding.

I just wonder if the matchmaking system is the same as Gears 4 one, mixing dedicated server/p2p in sort of the players with the best connexion share theirs to other, resulting in high ping advantage, and players not being at the same place on the server and on your screen.
Most of the time, I am the player with the best connexion and I sometimes feel like my game runs at 24fps, finding myself waiting for my inputs to be effective in the game while some of my opponents can shoot and move so fast.

From a player perspective, it’s difficult to say if the problem comes from the servers instability, something wrong with hit registration, the killcam, the matchmaking system, the netcode itself, the cover system, weapon delays and/or a mix of everything, but I feel like the game is a bit broken and not enjoyable. Just like Gears 4 Online.

If you encounter the same problem or something similar, just share your experience.
Hopefully this will be adressed before the official release because at the moment it’s far from good and not comforting.

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