Gears 5 Tech Test - Hard-Freezing GOW4 Style On Anyone Else? (PC)

Yea, this is what I mean by I hope the Steam version is as separated as possible from the Winstore. I’d hate to have bugs like this happen with the Steam version where it opens the Winstore to some random utility store page.

I wanted to get the game around launch, since I heard you get the Terminator skin if you play within the 1st week, but not sure I’m willing to at this point.

I want to hear some reviews and indepth info from some experts that break down all the stuff going on with the Steam version and how much it’ll rely on anything to do with the Windows Store. I hope it’s just the Xbox Live account and Game Bar we’ll need for the Xbox Live features, otherwise I’m afraid it could be trouble.

Even Game Bar I notice has tons of stuff now that it needs installed from the Windows Store, so it may be rough regardless.
I truly hope the Steam version isn’t gonna be reliant on all this stuff from the Windows Store. It seems like a formula for possible disaster.

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I have tried DDU + 382.53. Still crashed after running a few matches.

Asus 1080 Ti OC edition.

Was it a blue screen or did the game just crash?

Probably won’t do anything, but what the heck, something to try:

I didn’t actually delete anything or turn off Async Compute, I did do a WSReset of the Windows Store cache. Then I mistakenly launched the game from the Store, rather than Xbox App. It didn’t crash on me, but I played just 1 KOTH and 1 Arcade game, so dunno. Both methods could be tested, launching from the Xbox App or the Store, see if either helps with crashes.

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I’m two seconds from just cancelling my pre-order and being done with it all lol. I can’t do this again for another 2-3 years. I want to have a smidgen of hope but TC has shown literally nothing to warrant that hope anymore.

I won’t be upgrading from my 1080 Ti until Nvidia’s Ampere xx80 Ti which is potentially about 1.5 to 2 years away. So avoiding the issue via a hardware upgrade to RTX is out of the question for me. Sigh.

So I’m stuck relying 100% on TC/Microsoft/Nvidia on the software side to sort this ■■■■ out once and for all. Feels bad.

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I recently converted back to PC I played the entire gears franchise on xbox. Frustrated to see that gtx1000 range has this issue still with gears 5.

I have been getting the same issue crashing the game or some times my PC, I have been playing with settings and just managed to finish my first game since installing - try turning the graphic settings to low and see if that helps will continue to test and let you know how it goes.

I am just happy got to finish my first match - hopefully this can be resolved - the problem is who owns it as nvidia will say other games work fine on the card range which they do and collation/Microsoft will say the same gears works fine with other cards catch 22 !!!

I would have brought another card in hindsight.

Ryzen 5 2600
Windows 10
ROG Strix GTX1060 6 GB

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Nvidia Pascal 10 series GPUs users could not play to Gears 4, the same issue is still here on Gears 5. Of course The Coallition will not warning you on the store and you’ll buy it even if you can’t play it, exactly like Gears 4.

It’s been two years now that Gears 4 doesn’t work anymore, the game freezes randomly, and you have to reboot your competer because it freezes not only the game but Windows 10. On Gears 5, there is the EXACT SAME ISSUE.

Don’t buy Gears 5 on PC if you have GTX 1050/60/70/80/… because the game will not work.


Completely crashed my PC, needed a hard reset.

Latest Windows 10
Latest Nvidia Driver
GTX 1080

You have no real proof it’s even the same issue that gears 4 had.

Everything about the crash is the same.
Correlation may not be causation, but given the precedent of the crash and everyone here on the same architecture…

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I got a 1060 and can run the tech test and gears 4 fine but I do have a ryzen system.

Nah its about 50/50 now or roll of the dice some people have them working fine with no problems like me.

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Starting turning off any additional overlays too that doesn’t help diagnose this at all for people.

Same issues as everyone else here.

  • Complete system freeze about 2-3 times a day, Hard reset needed.
  • GPU crash popup, Game freezes and shuts down but no system freeze at least. 2-3 times a day.

i7 7700k
GTX 1080
Unlocked FPS

I would love to think that this issue is going to be fixed at release since this is only a Tech Test, but given the problems we had with Gears 4, I have no hope left.

I’m just amazed that a triple A, first party game has such critical issues on a Windows platform. Games can crash, sure, but taking the entire system with them? …that’s a whole other level…


I’m new, how do you private message ?

Basically they took Gears 4 & tweaked a few things. So it’s just Gears 4 with same probs. I think that the Coalition is not telling their bosses that there is a problem on PC. If I were their bosses I would be mad that you did not tell me about the problems so I could solve them. Costing them money in the long run & what not.


Can’t find a way to send a PM on here. Even give us an email to send these crashes too and I’ll gladly send my DXDiag log.

Hey there. I have a Ryzen system and a 1070. Was wondering what video drivers you are using so I can try

I’m running on a GTX Titan X with the latest drivers, I didn’t have any issues on Gears 4 at all which is weird. Hopefully this is addressed before launch.

edit: Apologies the forums way of quotes/replying is weird to me, I thought you were replying to my post. My bad

this is unbelievable

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