Gears 5 Tech Test - Bug Reports

Hey Gears fans!

If you encounter a bug in the Tech Test, please post it here. If you are looking to give gameplay feedback, please post here.

Here’s a few tips on giving us the best information possible on Bugs:

  • Be detailed! Tell us what system you are playing on, when you saw the issue, describe how it happened to the best of your ability and how often.

  • Screenshots and videos really help the team. Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for playing and for helping us make Gears 5 the best it can be come launch day!

For support issues, please check the official FAQ:


Mod edit: Not a bug report.

Reply to mod: Clearly you didn’t read all of it. Take you’re job seriously


Just a Few Bugs / Left Out Features I noticed on the first Day:

-Kill cam lagspikes and no damage shown

-Escalation no spawn swap feature

-(Alternate Control Scheme Auto Runs / doesn’t register to walls im in front of)

-teammate didnt see kid that was dead? from spectator camera (dead bodies still standing/ look alive)

-markza still needs less bullets (off and on centerline)

-got kicked while my teammates in there (no rejoin session feature)

-Markza Auto Shooting Randomly

-Everybody’s rank is wrong (says different numbers on different screens)


Fat xbox. I would upgrade if someone would tell me if we are getting a Gears X or not!

Shock nade either not going off or not downing enemy. Happened twice. Both on Arcade TDM.

One of my friends just tried to get a match and he got a message saying he was suspended from matchmaking for 25 minutes. He hadn’t played a match before that.

Another bug: when I get killed I see that the one who killed me aiming and slowly walking in a straight line. Looks weird and the kill cam shows an entirely different movement.

Another bug: results fail to load after each match. I hope this doesnt affect tour of duty progression.

I am on Xbox One X btw. European territory


Can’t select character or weapons in arcade mode on console, but still having fun thankyou.

Here’s a few:

  • After dying, everybody either stays still, or moves in one direction. Only happens if a killcam is loading.
  • Killcam doesn’t always show.
  • Going DBNO seems to make you glitch/stutter. Can’t crawl at times, usually for the first few seconds.
  • Can’t interrupt an enemy chainsawing your teammate with your own chainsaw.
  • Some players seem to just run in place, facing a wall. Similar to what you’d see when you disconnect in Gears 4.
  • The issue with the character select in Arcade mode stuck on loading seems to be fixed, at least for me.
  • This happened to my sister. Don’t even know how to describe it.

All I can think of at the top of my head.


The tech test is awesome, looks epic, feels smooth and plays great, I’m having a lot of fun. The only gripe I have is with the inverse omen, it’s too off putting, once you take some damage your peripheral vision is greatly impaired.

Maybe make the red far more transparent or revert back to the og omen.

Other than that gears 5 is a huge improvement on 4.

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Placement matches aren’t working, I know the servers are the main concern at this point but would still be cool to see everyone get a rank and play. Randomly get kicked from games and can’t join back all the time. Main menu music stops playing, sometimes after you kill someone they just kinda stand there or walk into a wall, can’t seem to get iron or get anymore challenges to do/tour of duty and games aren’t counting for the gnasher skin. BUT THE GAME IS PERFECT DONT CHANGE IT

probably already reported but xp errors, bodies still showing in game, when picking up enemies and dropping they still show as attached to you

Where Is Alternate tournament scheme control ? I Need this for play plz

Hi this is not really a bug but I feel like some other people may have done the same as me.

On the tutorial for perfect reload the image freezes once you hit reload and you need to press it again to continue ,but honestly I thought the game had crashed so I reset the game,only to find it did it again after pressing all the top buttons the sound and animations started again. It just felt a little odd that’s all.

Heavily EDITED. Goodluck fixing it.

-Gears of War Tech Test stops mid download.
-Gears Tech Test Wont Boot.
-Cannot Find Matches.
-30 Minute Wait times.
-While waiting for a match, randomly booted/disconnect.
-Match will be found, randomly booted/disconnect.
-Matches sync, then boot to main menu.
-Matches Sync, game freezes.
-Random boots to Xbox Home Menu
-Game freezes at any random point in time.
-Freezing at random points, in game, menu and lobby.
-Qued for an unreal amount of time. [Example 13 days].
-Being booted mid game.
-Squad members being booted while searching for match.
-Squad members unable to join empty lobby.
-FrameRate issues in the Menu.
-FrameRate issues in general.
-Unable to Invite Players at times.
-Unable To Play the game at all

  • Escalation, Arcade and KOTH all produce the same errors.
    -Invisible Characters in Menu
    -Expressions audio not playing/emote not activating
    -Audio crackling issues
    -Smoke grenade audio glitches
    -Character cover movements/buttons not registering at times.
    -Both Ranked and Social produce the same issues, though Social seems easier to get into a match.
    -Timer Restarts itself rather than a lobby boot.
    -In Lobby; can not see chosen character icon/face next to name/gamertag, Though other players can see there’s.
    -Error messages very common.
    -Stuck On Loading Screem
    -Stuck On updating playlist screen
    -Tried pulling me into a game, while I was in the menu, DID NOT QUE.
    -Maps ALMOST load up, boot.
    -Can’t change my character at times while waiting in a versus lobby.
    -Found a match, voted on a map, froze.
    -Found a match, voted on a map, booted and given error code.
    -Unable to connect to server at all.
    -All game modes posing issues.
    -Arcade map rolling matches loading screen frozen.
    -Players Spawning with opposite team; Common issue with every Gears game, fix it.
    -Players/Squad not being able to see each other in lobby.
    -Unable to change characters at times.
    -Infinite Loading glitches.
    -Loading audio tearing sounds in character selection menu.
    -Game found through quickplay. Map loads in and shows about 2 seconds of gameplay; then boots to Xbox Home.

-When match&players are found and lobby creation begins, After 2 or 3 minutes, restarts. It continues to do this the most out of all encountered bugs.

Feel free to add.


When roadie running I can’t reload at times? My controller isn’t messed up and I encounter this issue often


The game is still freezing after 4-6 minutes of doing anything for me. I can find a match and itll freeze, ill stand at the options menu, itll freeze.

I loaded up other games and they work just fine.


On PC the scroll wheel does not work!!
I cannot switch weapons with scroll wheel even if i change scroll wheel to a different key in my mouse software then bind that in gears 5.
Keybinding options recognise it but the game does not!

I need this as i play all my games with weapon 1 as scroll up and weapon 2 as scroll down.

  • In Bootcamp you can find two roadie run animations are existed. The new one and the old one from Gears4. The new one is active when no enemies on the locaton, the old one is active when enemies are near you. The old one animations need to go, the new one need to stay.

I have see one player take a swarm as a shield. The COG player continue the game, BUT : the swarm character was dead, standing up, didn’t disappear… he was stay here, without moves, in the shield position, alone in the air, all the rest of time during the game.

It was yesterday, in Arcade mode on training camp map.


-Servers starting to lag similarly to Gears 4 giving one side a huge advantage, Kill cams in such games are visually inaccurate which confirms this.

-Some kill cams cut early prior to your death, Others don’t show.

-Kill cams skip half a second as they start