Gears 5 Tech Opinion

So I downloaded the Tech testing. I personally was disappointed. Gnasher and Wallbounce for the win. I personally prefer Horde and the Campaign stuff. So the VS stuff is my least favorite thing to do in any Gears.

The instance that blew my mind was I came across an opponent that was just bouncing. When he stands up I plant a headshot, dead center. He then shoots me. Both of us using Gnashers, but he killed me with one shot. Not complaining about the loss. What got me twisted was at the bottom it says he did 100% damage and that I only did 25%. Too me it’s still odd that a person wall bouncing carries more weight in combat then accuracy.

It seemed that the Gnasher was, is, and always will be the only weapon used in VS.

Question for the hardcore PvP players, did you see any changes that would drive me to want to play this in the real game, if I am not see changes compared to any other Gears?

this shotgun formula with the wall bouncing is what makes gears, anyone can aim and shoot but not everyone have the skills to bounce and time a perfectly placed shot

cant hurt what you cant hit

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Odd part was that the player stood perfectly up and took a shot to the face. Yet it didn’t register as that. Yet him bouncing around as a ping pong ball did. Though to me it looks stupid, it does require skill to do properly. It is in the mechanics after all. How exactly by any logic does it register more damage? So my opinion of appearances of it isn’t the question. How exactly by any logic does it register more damage?

could be a lot of factors like connection if he had an active reload few things come into play

To my knowledge, my connections are upto snuff. I to had an active re-load. I know some have stated that wall bounce causes a disconnect on actual target registering, but does it some how cause more damage?

I know blind fire usually does more damage then