Gears 5 Tactics Onyx Guard Texture Error

First of all I wanna talk about the texture stretching between the shoulder plate and chest armour, it’s a big eyesore for me as it’s so noticeable. Clearly a UV error or something, it’s the same on cog gear and it hasn’t been fixed, so could you please get a 3D artist to look at it and fix it. Also applying a deeper voice modulator to the onyx guard would be amazing to make them more imposing on the battle field, It would distinguish the cog gears and the onyx guards and I feel that a lot of players want this and it is so easy to do, You’ve done it with the lambent.

Screenshot (145)_LI

If you could make these changes I would be very happy with the game and so would many people I believe.


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I really wanna post a rude remark rn… That tuning can stay far,far away from PvE!


I get it, it’s just annoying that i’ve got to remember 2 movement patterns.


Easy solution, abandon Versus. Eventually they’ll revert the changes.


Heck no! on the tuning, seriously.

As for the textures, your best bet is to submit a ticket since no one from TC with the power to fix that would ever (and I mean EVER) visit the forums.

It’s bad enough they’ve infected Versus with that damn horrendous movement, but to spill it over into PvE?!

Are you insane? I’d strongly recommend you rethink that.

Oh and I do not care for the messed texture. That Tactics Onyx Guard is TC’s poor answer to the OG Gears 3/Judgment Onyx Guard that we’ve all wanted since Gears 4.

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I would but horde mode needs some more stuff to it, I’ve played it so much and it needs more to it. So I started dabbling in versus and it’s been fun.


Yeah I’ve changed my mind on that, you are all right. But they need address the texture issue and the floating shoulder plates, Looks off ya know?

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We can agreed these designs are bad, I thought Antony and Ben having the same armor was bad, I mean 0 inspiration…
The floating plates makes them look ridiculous haha
Not a fan of the Onyx Guards their voices are annoying af!