Gears 5 Swarm. Let's talk about it

So in terms of multiplayer, I don’t want the focus to shift on them compared to the Locust, especially with how slowly we are getting content and that is probably never going to change. BUT…

I really liked the Spectre Swarm. The Imago was my favorite :3
I really want a black theme’d Imago… like omg. that would be so ■■■■■■ lit actually. Imago is actually pretty dope and deserves some more love, at least compared to the other swarm characters. Besides the fact that he is naked, for some reason, it actually makes him look cool I guess XD
I like the Imago mainly because the texture and color of him combined with that metallic spit polish lol makes him look way better than the other swarm characters. The other Swarm members just look like walking syph·i·lis or sun burnt sea coral.

Vualla. Was a TC-developer exclusive though I believe.

(Edit: I am a retarbed foal and this image is doctored, sorry OP)

Too bad warden look and name is straight destiny

see that is what’s ■■■■■■ up… something like that shouldn’t be geld back from the community. I get that they are Dev’s, but imagine if they created the black steel armored kantus, but guess what, it was only for Dev’s, that’s really infuriating.

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Well it’s not a black steel promotional skin–it’s a recolored Imago.
They had white UIR soldiers too.

It’s something a lot of devs might include in MP games like Gears.

But there’s a difference in private Black Steel characters (which never happened) and a recolored Imago.
Btw the BS Armored Kantus does exist.

You are completely missing my point… I know it exists lol. I have it. Second, Not many dev’s actually do that btw. Creating their own cosmetic specifically like this. Sure they have their own consoles or whatever, but a skin like that? We asked for something like that awhile back and when they actually come out with it, it’s limited to Dev’s? Nah boy… you see… That’s just trying to piss me off xD

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That was two years ago while Gears 4 was high in development. And the fact that it’s not very well known gives light to the possibility that other Devs do it too.

It’s just a reskin of a reskin. Cool? Yes. Cool to have? Depends on who you ask. Is it ■■■■■■ up? No–not really.

Devs are free to do whatever they want whenever they want. And how the community reacts—well it’s their wallets.

I wanna talk about the Swarm. Specifically the Imago. His breathing is too damn loud. That is all.


Again, is there ever a point where people like you don’t see the frustration? I’m not arguing this with you. It’s annoying and it doesn’t happen often. Name one Gears game that has done this? Exactly.

It sucks, and the Dev’s surely knew that this would piss people off. They had too because it was largely requested. Also, you act like e-Sports’ and this recolor arn’t the same thing… everything like this is a Re-Skin.

you said

“But there’s a difference in private Black Steel characters (which never happened) and a recolored Imago.
Btw the BS Armored Kantus does exist.”

I don’t really know what your trying to say here, but I think I get it. atleast your point. However, still… It’s annoying. Sigh anyways… good chat. Have a nice day

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Poor guy has asthma he’s doing his best dang give homie a break


Gears 3 had a special skin for the Lancer I’m pretty sure. Gears Judgement had the characters from Bulletstorm. Cosmetics weren’t really a thing before that.

I’ve been on here a long time. Black imagos aren’t the whole craze. People want the Locust.

It’s based on the original skins but the Black steels do have a different texture that was made for them.

I meant as in you’re example doesn’t hold because they never did make a Black Steel character for themselves.

I’m surprised your troll detector didn’t go off

I think there’s a fine line between trolling and ignorance.

Most people think they dance it. But they don’t. Most often it’s the latter. Myself included.

That’s fine but expecting a nuanced discussion about weapon skins given the reputation at play here…

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My 2 cents is that anyone who wants developer exclusive skins should submit a job application


I still don’t get it? :confused:

That may be so with those other games but it’s not like they were really that good in my opinion.
and weapon skins? not really a good point in my mind only because that’s not really that noticeable for me.

My point still stands because I am simply fustrated that something like this does exist and it actually looks really sick but it’s limited to Dev’s. Your still missing my point, why cant you just accept that it annoys me instead of trying to justify with facts or whatever? I simply was only expressing my frustration but apparently I can’t do that without someone trying to justify it,

So Dev-exclusive skins only matter when it’s enough for you to be jealous over?

You’re allowed to be justified. But I want you to be justified for the right reasons. Not the petty ones.

That’s not even real,

You know that right :sweat_smile:

That’s Fan Made!


You’re being dramatic.

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Ah well I didn’t know it. But ik the White UIRs were real so it still stands to some semblance.