Gears 5 suggestion - Devs, please add better HUD options for OLED owners!

I’ve recently got an OLED and am looking forward to many long sessions on Gears 5 in 4K HDR.

Naturally, the potential for screen-burn is a concern with OLEDs when playing the same game frequently.

Gears 4 does a good job in this area as the game does have a HUD-less option in the settings. It’s great, means OLED owners can enjoy the game without any need to worry. Gears 4’s HUD-less option goes a step too far I think. It literally removes everything so there’s no way to monitor TDM lives or KOTH score, even the aiming reticule is gone. Given the reticule only appears while holding LT, I’d like it to remain.

Basically all I want is options to enjoy your game to its full visual glory, while also protecting my display.

Keep the HUD-less option in Gears 5 but please add further customisable options. As an OLED owner this is what I want in Gears 5…

The option to move essential info from the HUD to the Tac-Com, such as the KOTH score and TDM lives (upper left), which are otherwise permanently on the screen. I’d be happy to just hit LB and keep an eye on these that way.

-Weapon HUD (upper right)
I’m quite used to playing without this being on-screen in Gears 4 with the HUD-less option. However, I would appreciate further options for this. Personally I’d prefer it to not be seen for the most part. I think a good idea would be to have it display for only upto 10-secs, and then vanish again. This temporary appearence could be triggered when pressing RB to active reload, and/or switching any weapons with the D-Pad.

*That’s pretty much all I want, the two suggestions above as a bare minimum.

A transparent slider might also be a good option for those who prefer to keep their HUD on-screen at all times. I personally prefer the more dynamic options of having the Weapon HUD appear as I suggested above, and the match info as above to be moved to the Tac-com.

Gears 4 works quite well with the HUD-less option, the only major negative I find is the missing aiming reticule. I’d like the option to keep that on, I don’t think it’s a screen-burn concern given it only appears when holding LT. A transparent slider to fade it would be a nice option as well though. :wink:


You know,

I’ve had 3 gens of LG OLED and I’ve played games on all of them.

Never had an issue.

Plus, there is something called Screen Shift / Pixel Shift in the menus.

It can also slightly shift pixels without you noticing and also, after and extended period, you can also set it so that when you switch off the TV, it does a full refresh of the pixels.


When I listen to music, I can have a static image of 3-5 minutes at a time for hours (Album Art).

Even when you play the game, there are times when you die, map loading, round ending, lobby, menu, tac com and so much more that you are doing.

So you are constantly changing the picture…

All in all, it’s not an issue unless you have the same picture for hours …


What’s all this talk of TV settings? I don’t have an OLED, just a “regular” 4K HDR TV but I haven’t really been able to figure out what works best for games - there’s various picture modes on mine, for example… Standard, Dynamic, Natural and Movie. Not really sure which one is better for it since I only really play games, in my bedroom, on it. Except for the Movie setting, obviously. I’ve experimented with the settings a little when I got it, for other stuff correlating to the picture, but I didn’t really change picture mode much. I can mostly tell that Dynamic setting seems to make the image brighter, to some degree.

And what’s Screen Burn? That only an issue for OLED TVs?

PS I kinda hope we’ll get the option to disable the HUD permanently in Campaign unless we use Tac Com or something, too. It usually only shows up during combat but I’d prefer to go without it unless I really want it. Customizable elements to it would be a great improvement though, for all modes. Unless we could switch to a first person aiming view for all the weapons in 5, removing the reticle just makes things unnecessarily difficult even if fun to try from time to time.

Your TV should be set to Game Mode wherever possible if the mode exists.

It normally reduces input lag / latency quite a bit.

Samsung and LG have the best TVs when it comes to low input lag and latency.

Screen Burn in used to be an issue for Plasma TVs but today, currently it is OLED TVs that are susceptible to it.

MicroLED will fix this issue over the next 3-5 years.

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I have a Samsung. It has game mode, but it’s currently not turned on. So you say it’s better? What about if I watched something on my Xbox? Would it matter if it was on or not?

Edit : Turning game mode on makes the game look a lot better but it looks jittery as hell. What’s up with that?

Game Mode will reduce latency a lot.

It shouldn’t make it jittery.

Your probably not used to it because you probably have Software Motion Enhancing on other modes.

I never liked this even on Movies/TV - if creates the “Soap Opera Effect” - it’s sickening to me and gives me a headache.

Make sure your TV is in 60Hz mode when Gears is on.

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It says “3840x2160 / 60p HDMI UHD color”; that’s the setting I have for the port my X is connected to. I looked at what the “Movie” effect did… just a brown color effect over everything. Whatever that’s good for but people must like it if the function is still there. I don’t.

I was considering that it could be a result of Horde being at 30 FPS if you choose the 4k setting. I’m just not sure. It looks almost like stuttering, as if the framerate was fluctuating or something. But I know that it isn’t, normally anyway. It shouldn’t when there’s nothing going on and the players just move around.

Edit : It is the 30hz from Horde making it look all strange. But the game looks so much worse on 1080p than in 4K.

That will be it,

Horde is terrible if you are susceptible to it.

But yeah,

For MP - game mode is always best.

Glad I got to see Horde 4K 144Hz :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so wait can that affect your shot delivery? How is that when its passing via console and not the TV.

What are you referring to?

Input Lag / Latency of the TV?

I can certainly play Horde at 1080p60… but I seem to get a headache from it after not too long, but I don’t know from what exactly, and the two main issues I’m having is getting used to 1080p again after getting spoiled by Gears 4s 4k looks for a few months, and that I need to get used to using the Dropshot at 60… it might seem odd but the timing needs to be slightly different at a higher framerate. As I mentioned, 4k30 with game mode on just looks weird.

The other way would be to not use game mode and stick to 4k30… or choose between 4k and 2k. Aiming with 60 seems to be way easier.

Whatever works for you :+1:

I’ll hopefully be going to 2K 240Hz in the next few weeks.

Tsk. I have Gears 5 to look forward to. Finally gonna have 4k60 at least then. 4 is so boring now anyway, especially Horde. I can hardly play it without getting bored within the first 20-30 waves due to the lack of variety.

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It’s shaping up to be solid!

2 days :grimacing::fire:

My Bad i was thinking console lag…

That’s good to know you’ve had no issues, but obviously screen burn is something that potentially can happen.

As mentioned, I am quite happy with Gears 4’s HUD-less option, just a couple more options as suggested in the first post could really help users customise the HUD to their liking and give some added peace of mind for those long gaming sessions.

I stated reasons why I didn’t have an issue and why you won’t have an issue with gaming on an OLED.

Doesn’t matter how long you are gaming, you don’t have a certain image on the screen long enough for it to be an issue.

In fact I was saying it for your benefit, just go and enjoy it rather than worrying about nothing.

If you’ve got the same image on screen for an hour, two hours, three hours, then yes, perhaps cause for concern.

Other than that…

Don’t go hud-less because of burn in fears. That’s ridiculous. I put many, many hours of Gears on my LG oled and there’s zero burn in. TVs are only relevant for a few years anyway. This isn’t a lifetime investment. Enjoy it.

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But the fact remains,

The image will never be on the screen long enough.

Even just pressing LB or hitting the menu button for a second completely refreshes the pixels …

Yeah most OLED TV’s now have a refresh pixel so after a couple of hours you should do that and you should have no problems with burn in. My 4k LG OLED has that option and it’s very useful but other than that i agree with your post.

4k OLED TV’s are absolutely amazing though the color vibrancy is absolutely phenomenal and anyone wanting to experience movies to their fullest should invest in one. Even games look amazing.

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