Gears 5 : suggestion/animation

Hi, sorry to derange here are my suggestion for gears 5 , TC

  • add ( large ) map which requires a certain amount of responsiveness
  • add missions to be collected in horde ( ex : collect a mission : if successful win 300 scrap or +1000 xp bonus )
  • A new mod : OVERRUN like in Gears Judgement but better for coming operations. for gears 5 it’ll be a success for everyone
  • Add map objects to collect in horde/escape but rarely
  • An horde event all 1 per month
  • Add more content to the FABRICATOR ( ex : request a mortar strike to 10 000 energy, add a missile construction vs guardian )
  • Add more medals ( ex : make 10 000 assistant in horde and that it is displayed on the screen as in gears 2,3, play 600 wave of horde )
  • Add dizzy, dom, paduk, gabe diaz, prescott but don’t add old caracter like minh or others old caracters ( gears 5 must evolve )
  • Increase the damage of Marcus for lanzor +90% base damage would be nice to balance with the other


  • on Map football pitch and make every man for himself
  • Week tournament : all player can join and registration 50 scrap

SKIN suggestion :

  • platinium color skins … …
  • flag weapons skins …
  • GEARS CGU must introduce logo medecine ( doctor CGU skin )
  • JD the adventurer skin
  • Marcus elite soldier skin , Marcus Chief of squad
  • operator skin like in US army + Gears sauce
  • Prescott the business man
  • Paduk the spy

thanks for read

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Add Dom, Dizzy and Prescott but not other old characters because “Gears must evolve” - This doesnt make sense

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Sounds like Pahanu?

How can you not add Minh Young Kim?!

The guy has the damn codes!


Not the characters he doesn’t want okay.

“Let me guess, you’ve got the code?”

I guess in the end it didn’t matter. Codes do nothing against a two-foot long blade of pure serrated Seran steel.