Gears 5 sucks ... we need a GoW: Judgement Remastered

As a veteran of the series since '05 it drives me insane seeing TC “The Crap” ruining my favorite franchise! I am 49 years old . Honestly TC should give up on 5 and give the series back to People can Fly! People can Fly will make gears great again. The Xbox Series X needs a remaster of GoW Judgement That is the best game ever crafted by human hands. Everything would be better if Piotr Krzywonosiuk was here…


I … I just … I mean … Is this for real?


It is if you pick out the blatant sarcasm and non-seriousness.

I could see people ask for a J remaster simply to look at Sofia in higher quality though.


I wouldn’t be against it and I wouldn’t be for it but if it happens ill play it lol. Always take my posts with a pinch of salt lol


This is gold. Thanks OP.

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For referance: Gears 5 sucks.... we need a GoW:UE Remastered

Saw this the other day lol these forums are getting funnier each day…u see the one where the guy legit thinks up a is a cheat move😂


The entire A button is a cheat button, I mean seriously it lets 220 pound men full of muscle run faster then Usain Bolt WHILE THEY ARE CROUCHED.


Huh, maybe eating chicken nuggets isn’t the best way to go fast.

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Gears POP 8K remastered!? :thinking:

Judgement??? Really?
I wouldnt even consider that gears of war. Not even close.
Edit - lol. I should have known when i saw 2005


Best maps, best lancer. I’m onboard for a remaster.

The 2005 part is actually true, played it at E3 2k5 and X05 in Barcelona

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Do you have something better to add than pointless insults for a sarcastic subject? I see you keep referring to sheep as anyone who doesn’t seem to share your views and it is annoying.

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They’re just another Gears Fan who hates the newer titles, has a gears logo for a pfp and most likely only plays gears of war

Just ignore them

It would be awesome to have gears 1 2 3 4 judegement for PC

Yer just jealous since my thread is actually funny.