Gears 5 stuttering when i move my mouse (PC)

So basically the game is stuterring every time i move my mouse, even though the game runs perfectly fine if i just use my xbox controller. I have already tried updating/reinstalling both my mouse and video card drivers, and the only thing that made some difference was changing the polling rate of the mouse to 125 Hz. That improved the stuttering a little but didn’t solve for complete

Please create a support ticket at

This is still in the game, got the Game today and i have the exact same issue.
I created a Support ticket, but if someone knows how to fix pls tell me… was about to stream so all my viewers just learned about this game breaking bug. Nice.

I’m having this same problem, it’s very annoying. Does anyone found any solution/fix for this?

Mine was working fine before this update and now it freezes on every key stroke.

Well, i’ve found the solution, at least for me. The culprit was objectdock, i run that program to have a dock of icons and a clean desktop. I’ve turned it off and now the problem with the mouse is solved.