Gears 5 stuttering on good amd build

I have a decent build with a ryzen 5 3600 cpu and a radeon rx 5600 xt gpu but in gears 5 regardless of the video quality settings I notice a fair amount of stuttering particularly in multiplayer. I was told to change the display settings in windows to 60hz because by default it was set to 59hz and this helped somewhat but the there’s still a bit of stuttering when there shouldn’t be. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I had the same problem, I don’t knoe what the option is called but it’s at the bottom of video settings
My framerate counter said 60 but was a stuttery mess
Play around with the amd options at the problem and see what works or just verify fil es

That should teach you to go with an AMD build lol.

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the video card isn’t the problem its this developer and their inability to make a decent PC port that doesn’t have issues.

Go type in “Gears 4 Nvidia crash” into Google and you’ll be shown how inept this studio really is. A major game breaking bug has lingered on that game for years and was never fixed.

It’s absolutely pathetic.


I run it on Nvidia and have never had a problem.

AMD are just crap products. People like them because it seems like they get more power but that power is negligible and often is associated with problems.

The 3080ti will be out in a few months so I suggest you just switch over to that and see if it works.

I have a RX 580 AMD card. Smooth as butter. Play on a monitor. Not a TV!

so you’re going to ignore the thousands of posts and complaints across the internet and stick with “AMD are just crap”?

smh, just as bad as TC…

I have the same issue but with a Nvidia GTX 1070, is more noticeable on online PvP and less often on Horde or Escape, very rarely on campaign, No other similar issues on games like Metro Exodus, Doom 2016, The Witcher 3 or GTA V, those are well optimized games and run smoothly as butter. Tc doing a bad job as usual.