Gears 5 stuck at 30fps

Hi all,
I’m stuck at 30fps… I have the same issue with GOW Ultimate Edition also. I thought it was just that game but I guess not and I’m not sure where to look to fix the issue.
My specs are;
Gigabyte GA-X99 SLi Motherboard
Intel Core i7 5820k
RTX2080Ti Gaming X Trio.

Any help is appreciated.

If none of your ingame or Nvidia control panel options are causing this I would recommend creating a support ticket

I’ve found the issue! The issue was hiding in my TV (as I’m not playing on a monitor) settings. When it updated it reset to the defaults of 30Hz.
As a result it wouldn’t exceed 30fps.
Thanks for the assistance. It was your suggestion to check the Nvidia control panel that made me think to check the TV also.

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Glad it is solved for you bud :slight_smile:

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