Gears 5 Stress Test more like Scrap this game

Back in february of 2019 I was hoping and praying that TC would change this game for the better and of course they didn’t. This game is giving me judgment vibes and that is not good at all. Arcade mode needs to be scrapped completely. Assault rifles like the lancer should not take your head off. Hammers should not be in the game is this HALO? NO TC NO !!! Boot camp after how many years really?? Now you can purchase weapons WTF? Hell no what are you guys thinking at TC? I knew it was going to be bad especially since Kait is on the cover when she is the absolute worst character in gears period but i did not know it would be this bad smh. Personally, TC should cancel the game until it is ready because this ain’t it. Remember Scale Bound yea … Gears 5 needs to get the same treatment CANCELED.


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