Gears 5 stream is not working

It’s working… but its not working correctly. I am currently at 11/60 but I have gone almost 3 minutes on one occasion and was finally credited for 1 minute.

Three hours when all I needed was one, what a crock

2.5h now for me, still at 0/60… Lol…

Seems to be working but not to the exact minute, for me currently its showing 1 to every 5 minutes, only need to watch another 5 hours of this to get the 60 minutes

every time I reload the page it logs me out and I have to re-log in again… lol…

3hrs in, no minutes yet.

It appears it has been fixed, I’m seeing the countdown working (if it’s not, reload the page).

Is the time accumulative or do you have to do it in one sitting? Running late and just tuned in.

Yeah, I see it’s counting down NOW… after 3h :slight_smile:

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Yeah logging in again got it working. It doesn’t seem to be tracking 1:1 for minutes, but at least it is going up.

Almost 4 hours and still not showing any minutes. What a joke! That is after a couple of refreshes too

I guess 60 minutes in Earth time means 24 hours in TC time. Way to start Gears 5, guys. Can’t even run a proper quest already.

No longer working for me… 9 minutes to get from 51/60 to 53/60 and then stopped working altogether.
refreshed AGAIN and went to 54… but after 5 minutes it hasn’t moved since

First, I had to endure (not play) 5 stupid rounds of escalation because of the lag issues TC hasn’t resolved. Now, I’ve had to run the stupid stream for almost 4 hours now and still only be at 13 minutes out of 60 minutes. Refreshing is a nightmare on the page because I think they are using a low bandwidth server so it takes a couple minutes to refresh and I’m still stuck at 13/60. They should call this game the Gears of SUCK!!!

We need help! I’m here since the beggining of the stream and my Kate ESport its stuck on 14 min, u.u I hope anyone can fix this

This is all on purpose so they force us to watch the entire thing

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A realise yet again that I hate watching esports. The dudebro mentality is nauseating as are the presenters and commentators.

In “normal” life in sure they are wonderful boys and girls…but not on esports!

It took me over 5h of fighting with it to get my 60min… geeze…

Constant logouts, constant fighting with login screens, reloads, etc, etc… it was super painful. And every 15min “hey, we fixed it, all good now” msgs

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Please see THIS thread for an update :slight_smile: