Gears 5 stream is not working

my munites is not going up and i see other people making comments about it too

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Same here mine shows 0/60 but have been watching it from the start

me too its not counting

Is anyone surprised there’s a bug already?

bugged for me too lol


same here at 0/60 but stream is working with a swirling circle

watching since 5.00pm and just watched whole of the R vs R game but still at 0/60

Now I can’t log back in, network error

Same here… sadly there seems to be troubles with the streams on a regular basis, especially when large numbers of people watch to get a specific skin. I’ve been stuck at 0/60 for over 30 minutes now and every time I refresh I am forced to re-login with my Microsoft account, which itself is taking a longer than average to go through.

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is it workiing for you guys it not working for me

It’s definitely working for me stream and quest show up fine and I’m logged in no issues been hour and a half watching now but timer still 0/60 :weary:

Been almost 2hours and still 0/60


@TC_Octus please help

!claim doesn’t help though many people spam it

I been watching since the start and the minutes hasn’t come up at all please help @TC_Octus

this is exactly what I have happening even now but I guess I’ll have to see later I cant watch it much anymore I’ll have to try again been on that thing since it started it says 0/60 or it kicks me. But I guess no more complaining for me since I see you have exact same problem. Maybe it knows we watched it idk lol. Oh do I have to be using Twitch too btw It keeps telling me to log in for chat?

Been watching since it started, nearly two hours ago. Nothing working, still 0/60. I really want this skin, pls. :frowning:

Yeah… I have limited time this weekend to watch as well. I wanted to do my hour and then move on to real life events I need to work on this weekend… so far I’m here today for double what I intended to be.

I truly expected problems with the stream as there are ALWAYS issues with streams during major events, my frustration with this is that they know this occurs frequently and they still have not addressed preventing them from occurring… add in the fact that their is NO official word being spoken in chat either.


@TC_Octus ca i get something in the chat instead a tweet?


Same here, still at 0/60 but the live stream is working fine for almost 2 hours…