Gears 5 Stream -Esports Kait Update

Received Kate big thanks TC,but did take along time to get to 60mins,and received 3 skins for the lancer,gnasher,snub,early this evening,I’m staying off the stream so hopefully someone can get online and get 60 mins to unlock her,

LOL at the eSports players. A bunch of man babies who look like serial killers in the making. Cue - slow-mo publicity shots in darkened rooms while they cross their arms. :smiley:

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When I logged into Gears 4 earlier today I received my esports kait. I didn’t get to claim it yesterday on the stream but I was logged in and watched 90 minutes yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks to the coalition for making it right.

Just curious guys, I got the syndrome skins aswell. Will they be available at Gears 5 aswell?

Nope. They were originally released about a year ago so this is just a re-release. Nothing to do with GOW5.


Its a joke, Issues with the stream, the game, and no clarity who what or where the skin / cheeevo is going to come from.?
It’s bad enough having to watch, worse that ive lost an hour NOT playing GOW!

And now its bricked my xbox grrr

Unbelievable, finally rebuild my console and the two hours watching not registered.

Message to coalition, if you want us to jump through hoops to do somthing, make it clear what the requirements are.

Just remember some of us arn’t interesting in watching tv & adverts at all, !

I wasn’t able to claim ESports Kait because the stream locked me at 59/60 towards the end I jumped in I was busy this weekend. :frowning:

where do claim the prize from…? on the xbox or on website…? is there a button somewhere…?

I dont recall them being released before…was it a special even or something? Even my buddy who plays doesnt recall seeing them.

where do receive the prize…? is it a button somewhere…?

You needed to have watched 60 minutes of the esports on this weekend while logged in. There was a tab to claim.

cheers for the reply, you say ’ there was a tab to claim’ is the tab gone now…? where was it located…?

Yes the tab was only there while the stream was active. Was next to the chat tab.

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II looked at the castle from 6 pm yesterday and did not get the esports Kait​:rage::rage:

I’m having the same issue. I watched the whole event on multiple devices

Still nothing for me watched 2-3 hours yesterday enjoyed the photogenic scenes thou but really I want the esports kait

Whats the deal i watches tox smash two teams to win the final for over four hours and for what to yet again complain about another thing that dont work
How are you gonna know about the 22,060 fans out there that were dedicatedto watch and achieve these items
We demand answers please ASAP

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Same 1 h4s n0t r3ciev3d my ca1t sk1n. REALLY REALLY MAD >=(