Gears 5 Stream -Esports Kait Update

I was logged in watching on both a phone and my xbox (after I noticed around the 3.5hour mark that no progress was being made.) 25min in from the xbox it finally started counting 1 minute every 2-3 minutes during the actual garbage gameplay.

It’s just TC trying to inflate their esports watching statistics with these little gimmicks. “Oh it’s counting but just go watch some more tomorrow and it will work this time, we promise.” lol

Hi All,

I would like to also comment like most of you no Kate I watched from start to finish at live. Gears on my computer and was signed in 0/60. I also signed in via Xbox with twitch just in case still no Kate.
Help all other quest complete… Tyvm

All event watched, right from the getgo…my counter reads/read 20/60!

I was not able to log in at all today with the errors and have to work tomorrow so cant watch it so no Kate for me i guess :frowning:

I watched for 3 whole hours and I didn’t get kait and everyone kept saying like 2/60 and I didn’t know where people were seeing that at all :worried:

Got it in last match, and was watching from beginning :smiley:

I cant sign in to twitch with my gamertag and my twitch account is different to my Microsoft account so how the hell do i claim this character

Cant i watch it through gears of war site instead of twitch. I keep getting redirected to twitch which means my Microsoft account didn’t get tracked

Just to let everyone know, it seems that TC have started giving out the eSports Kait skin to people who were logged on yesterday and who met the requirements.

I received mine just now, and hadn’t claimed it yesterday due to the problems with the stream (I was on yesterday for a total of about 2 hours but it only tracked about 25/60 minutes progress).

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This is the link to the site.

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Started Gears up earlier and she was in my collection.

This worries me.

It works through here. Just got to log on.


I hope it actually works this time.

Are we able to watch from Microsoft edge on the Xbox?

Edit: what are the proven ways to watch?

Why can’t I play Escalation with bots to count toward t he ESports Kait? I can’t find any matches in matchmaking.

watched at least 60 - no kate

Doesn’t work for me still. I go to claim and it just gives me an error when claiming.

There seems to be some network issues at the moment. I’d suggest that you be patient and keep trying. The stream is on for many more hours.

I watched it through edge on the xbox, but I had to refresh it every 5-10 min on average. Someone on my friends list set it up on their phone, and had no problems.

Well! You should better be quick with unlocking it! Watched 4 hours Yesterday, frozen at 28/60. Even today, No Progression. Sorry, but I watched enough. Unlock it now