Gears 5 Stream -Esports Kait Update


Due to continued issues for some players when trying to complete the Esports Kait quest, we will entitle Challenge Completion to anyone who watched 60 minutes or more at any point during today’s stream in the near future.

Please stand by for further updates on this rollout.


Also from TC: As a reminder, you will need to have been logged in on watching for 60 minutes. If you are watching direct on Twitch, please use and sign in with your gamertag in order to be tracked.

I have watch over 2hrs and have not been able to claim my reward made sure on was sign it

Then you should be fine once TC awards it :slight_smile:

When will i get my skin?:disappointed_relieved:I watched 3 hours minimum.
I also accidentally deleted Gears 4 by pressing cancel for 600MB update and had to download 100Giga again.
I had bad internet and it took me about 36 hours,im not joking,i swear it on my life!
And now i don’t have my Kait skin🍘

I am sure TC will announce when they will begin the rollout. I would recommend paying attention to their twitter account HERE

Luckily, I received my E-sports Kait. Watched for 5 hours though, 3 hours on my Xbox One where it logged no watch time so not sure if Microsoft Edge caused that issue? Got out my tablet for the remaining two hours and tracked straight away but went 0 to 60 minutes in 2 hours…

Enjoyed gameplay as it was more tactical. My only dislike was the inverse omen.

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I’m 99% certain you can just watch the stream tomorrow and the progress from tonight should carry over so if people didn’t get it tonight and their progress is say, 45/60, then it should start from that.

Maybe. Hopefully.

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Yep same here was logged in for the whole thing an nothing,checked were i needed to and an nothing shows up ???

Give it time :slight_smile: TC will announce when it is being rolled out.

IWatch 4 hours. I just wanted the skin I could care less about the competition. You guys are off to a bad start. I’ma Wings 19 player, which pretty much means I enjoy gears I just hate the BS.

Took me a while to log in and get my watch time but after 2 or so hours I got it, but my escalation matches wont update? Still says 0/5 and I cant claim. Having the same issue with high roller challenge where Ive crafted the emblem but the challenge still says I havent.

I would contact TC on twitter directly to see if they can work out why those challenges are not updating for you. Hopefully they can resolve it quickly.

got my kait after 60 mins and around 10 minutes beofre the whole thing eneded. worked perfectly for me. rip to the rest of you, kait is fresh


Got mine too but it took HOURS


After numerous login in failures, then network errors, finally logged in. Watch well over 2hrs of it and got rewarded nothing. Not sure…

I don’t use social media… not sure how to contact TC.

As it says in the OP, TC will be awarding this to people who have logged in for 60 minutes or more regardless of the counter. They will roll this out in the future.

watched 3 hours got nothing.


watch it for more then a couple of hours and wasn t able to claim…

Watching the stream from console (using Microsoft Edge), I didn’t see my logged minutes increase at all. It did work on my iPhone, however. I had to refresh it a couple of times and monkey around with logging in before it seemed to start working. This was all later on towards the end of the stream.

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