Gears 5 Strategy Guide

Anyone know if an official guide is going to be produced? With Prima out of the game, I fear my collection of the collector edition guides ends at GoW 4. :worried:

Didn’t know Prima was gone. I’m sure someone is making something. I’ll do some checking.

They still make strategy guides?

Did, but not as of this spring.

Have all the hardback editions, and they are really nice. Good artwork and sometimes useful information. I used them to find all the collectibles. I know it’s all on the web now. A product of a bygone age.

I honestly think the last guide I ever bought was for Red Dead Redemption 1. That was super helpful for obtaining 100%. Now, like you said, I use Youtube (even though I hate youtube) for anything achievement/guide related.


no doubt they are out.

Who will gonna buy 49 bucks guide when you have free youtube.

Collectors my friend.

Agreed mate. but collector’s doesnt run business :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually used to enjoy having the official guides to the big games back in the day.

They were usually filled with detailed info on characters, weapons, locations, story and so on.

As YouTube has become a thing, these have slowly faded out as Video is normally a lot better at explaining things.

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With Prima buying Brady Games and shutting it down a few years ago, the player left in the game is Piggyback Interactive (I think). They’re a small team and only put out a few guides a year, if that much. They did one of the Halo ones, can’t remember which one though.

Prima didn’t buy Brady.

Prima isn’t gone.

The companies that owned these entities merged, and then Prima and Brady merged. Brady is gone, and Prima exists in a digital format.

still no information for the guide

There isn’t one.