Gears 5 Story opinion (OBV SPOILERS)

anyone else think this campign is a abosolute letdown??
the only 3 things this story bought was that kait mum was related to myrahh (made obvious in 4 so doesnt really count), the queen being who she is and also that pointless choice at the end thats gonna make coilation do another poor campaign in 6 because of a ending choice. the open world levels were totally pointless in my opinion and just dragged out the campaign to a sufficent length. but my biggest issue is just how little story there actually is and the stuff they wasted, like oscar, it makes it look like they realised they made a mistake at the end of 4 keeping him alive. the book tie in seemed pretty pointless to rather than 1 line at the begginning of the game. anyone else agree? or if not please post your opinion too. maybe you guys found something enjoyable that i just didnt see

I personally didn’t care for the open world stuff, found it to be pointless wandering around and finding unrelated story items and collectables (that didn’t register) and if you take that part out of the campaign then the campaign is actual quite short. Also correct me if i’m wrong but is this the first Gears game to only have 4 acts instead of 5 (this is not a spoiler the achievements give this away) bit of a let down really. The part at the end with the “decision” i felt was unnecessary also, created more confusion than any emotion for me

i didnt care for it ethier tbh. true it does feel like an excuse to just drag it out. seems like a easy 4 hour job if i just do the striaght objectives. and also the fact that 2 of the acts are basically just bland open worlds. yeah it is the first gears for 4 acts which is why i was shocked when it ended as it felt like it could have kept going. the “decision” is pointless as its just gonna give them headaches when it comes to making 6 now as nethier of them will get any story development now