Gears 5 Story DLC Is Coming Later This Year - IGN

Subbing Batista for Marcus/Dimaggio is sacrilegious, any way you cut it. I don’t care for him in the game, and I certainly don’t want him in a movie.


The DlC is very welcome. Bautista as Marcus is abhorrent. Just leave him alone the Design is Iconic. He’s the face of the franchise. Is nothing sacred?



Only legit wrestler to be a guest is sgt. Slaughter!

I see a lot of hate for this decision to have Batista be used as an alt skin and voice.

I don’t know why, if you don’t like or want to use it, don’t lol.

Batista isn’t replacing Marcus, it’s just a cool Easter Egg paying homage to Batista’s love of the character.


If you like it, fine. I think it’s a lil bit shtty for Dimaggio. That’s his character. Forums are for discussion and opinions, that’s mine 🤷
If it’s to hint at him for the movie, then it’s even worse. To get a box office draw, they are going to have to get someone that non-gears movie goers will go to see in droves but can still pull it off. I vote Tom Hardy. That man can transform his face, body, and voice to just about anything.
Again…my opinion.

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Agreed, people are getting upset over nothing!

Batista loves the character and the franchise, and although I’d personally never swap out DiMaggio this is a just a nice extra for those that want to use Batista instead



Soo an update is coming November 10th (Obviously since that’s when the Series X is coming out)

But that’s the same time that Tactics is coming out.

I think the OP got pushed forward from NOV 17 to NOV 10TH

Play tactics the same day get Gabe in 5 the same day.

Nov 10th isn’t confirmed but I’d put my money on it.


However it might only be the big campaign update and Gabe as a playable character. Then the op a week later.

not sold on that idea imo

Really pleased for people they are putting this much effort in, but I wouldn’t pay for it. Other than Gears 1 which was of the moment I’ve never been a fan of the campaigns in comparison to other titles at the time. I pretty much just play them through due to being invested in the franchise. The last two have done nothing for me. I can’t remember a thing about Gears 4 other than the big robot near the end and all I remember from 5 is the annoying skiff and dying in a windstorm over and over and the Del JD bit.

If I hadn’t seen the game on CDkeys for £19 with all other gears titles as downloads I doubt I’d even be playing gears now. So no way I’d pay £20 for more campaign, but it’s great for those that like this stuff and they are catering for people who like a different section of the game. When it’s a pound or two on cdkeys I might be interested.

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John DiMaggio would be a better Marcus in a Gears Movie than Bautista IMO.
He even looks the part:

I don’t want it to happen though. Most video game movies are bad and Gears doesn’t need another blemish.
Same with Halo.


A gears film might have worked in the 80’s era of action films. I think now I’d prefer it as a netflix series :smile:


Batista at his prime looks close to Marcus

I also realy hope that they DONT put batista on the op5 splash screen. op2 was baird and clayton, op3 was cole, op4 was dom. all pretty cool stylised art that had everything to do with gears. Having the guy who played the chubby blue goon in guardians of the galaxy isnt gears of war.


OP5: Gabe!? :thinking:

I tend to agree but both could be done awesomely if handed to the right people. I’ve wanted a Halo movie since I was like 15 (I’m mildly in love with Marcus and Master Chief :roll_eyes:)
I’d give Gears to somebody like George Miller, experienced in good story telling but can make it hard-hitting as well. I’d love Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson to get a real crack at Halo. They both were very passionate about it, before it was torpedoed by studio politics.
Here’s a great, and recent (April’20) article about what happened to the Halo movie. It makes you wonder if a Gears one would ever be done though, because they talk about how, with a video game franchise, there are so many companies getting a piece of the profits that it rarely gets off the ground. The article is a good read about video game movies, in general.

I just think it’s gonna take someone far better than Batista to pull in movie crowds to a fairly niche video game movie.


I gotta voice a mild concern…

So we’re getting all this new content and stuff, but I’m really questioning if TC aren’t overworking themselves in their ambitions here. I mean, we do know patches and content deliveries have not always been the most bug free(to say the least), but this is on another level, I feel, when you also look at the PvE changes coming in Op 5.

Is having fancy graphical makeovers and FPS improvements for the new consoles really worth it when coupled with all the other stuff they’re doing? I get that it’s kind of a big thing for MS, but all the content, visuals and framerate in the world are not gonna be the focus of people when it’s a gigantic bug ridden mess upon its release.

Also @Bleeding_Pepper, your Escape pushing agenda definitely doesn’t belong into a story based mode imo. No offense, but I really doubt a constantly pressuring ‘impending gas of death’ is very contributive to story telling, world building and/or character exposition otherwise. In one specific section, yes, but not for the entirety of the DLC. I would get tired VERY QUICKLY if I was constantly pressured by a cloud of death during 3-4 hours in what’s supposed to be story based content, particularly if I want to go around and explore.

I also wouldn’t expect most people to react very well to stuff from Escape being put into a story mode.


Fingers crossed for Gears 3 style arcade leaderboards with new game+ . I might actually play the campaign more than once then.


I think that’s exactly what will happen.

I hope they actually put some thought into Ironman, and put different modes like death restarts you from the chapter, or death restarts the act, etc.

Otherwise I can see it being cheesed in exactly the same way I saw Ironman in Gears 4.


This is definitely good news.

Which makes me believe that the op 5 drop is November 10th and not 17th.

Why would they put out a huge campaign patch, then release a huge operation a week later?

It’s like they want more bugs.

Yeah that sounds awful, I think hive busting should be a few sections, but to have it be 95% of the gameplay would be ludacris, especially for a story based expansion