Gears 5 Story DLC Is Coming Later This Year - IGN

So now we know why the game feels so neglected lately. Minimal support while most of the staff is working on all this stuff.
I hope it pays off.

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If they were smart: will be relevant to Gears 6 story so Scorpio squad will join forces with Delta or something, maybe has a special homage to Tai Kaliso (no way in hell Tai’s life and death hasn’t had any impact on Lahni)

What they may do: just a much better version of Escape, no one knows.

What? That sounds like nonsense man. I don’t see that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i could see that happening. I feel we’re going to get our first look at the swarm nexus possibly, but who knows🤷‍♂️

Hopefully Ironman be will a little bit more lenient this go around and just restart the chapter or at the very least the act, cause even on experienced I see a lot of fails happening during the vasgar wind flare sections.

Definetly looking forward to both team Scorpio dlc/playing Batista along side the rest of the characters,campaign dlc,just hoping more console(s) be available to the unlucky gamers who missed out on the pre-orders .Roll on November.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Who asked for this? Who at TC thought that spending resources and time to do this was a good idea? Unless it was as easy as just swapping the character model then fine but it’s never that easy when it comes to Gears.

I get it, he wants to play Marcus in the eventual Gears movie (if it’s even happening now bc we haven’t heard jack since Rod brought it up at E3 2019), some fans want while others don’t. Even so this is a poor allocation yet again of critical resources in a game that needs help in a lot of other areas IMO…


This was such a waste of time and resources


Well the movie is happening. It’s just a matter of when? Dave Bautista being in the campaign is kinda a sign to me that it is happening and he will be Marcus. TC is promoting this for a reason. Should he be playing such and iconic roll??? Who knows?

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So Hiverbuster Campaign prediction incoming

They think they found the Swarm Nexus as someone said and since the main cast is dealing with JD/Del Death they cannot go in the moment so they send the Hivebusters.

I’d imagine 90% of the Campaign takes place in the hive, with the other 10% being like the cutscenes from before and after, also Maybe they give the Hivebusters a jackbot or something, not that it would make a lot of sense but I could see it happening.

I do not see them actually destroying the nexus and nor do I see all 3 of them surviving and as far as deaths go I think either Mac and Keegan die, Keegan and Lahni die or just Mac dies.

I think Keegan and Mac dying is the most likely scenario, Mac is the most developed Hivebuster and it would be pretty sad for those that read the comic. Keegan is probably the least developed so honestly I think he’s gonna die at like the midway point as they introduce a new enemy/maybe a lieutenant. Mac dying would be the sad part as I think it would happen near the end of the final boss battle just as they’re about to do it or something. Like they plant the bomb and get put but someone has to go back because it malfunctions or something.

Orrrr I am way off base and they all survive until the final boss fight if any of them even die because it is gonna have 3 player multiplayer and all 3 gotta be alive for the most part so people can play as them.

The only thing I’m like 95% sure of though is that the mission won’t be a success if it is believed to be like the Swarm Nexus, that sounds like a main cast mission for Gears 6

So according to Aaron Greenburg (Xbox Marketing Head) Gears 5 is going through a relaunch/remaster.

was this something TC had previously said because I certainly don’t recall them stating this. I also specifically asked this on a dev stream before OP4 and they said no.

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Enhancements and additions coinciding with the Series X|S launch. Perhaps not officially a remaster, but it might as well be.

I can definitely see one of them dying at the end, probably Mac sacrificing himself to save Keegan and Lahni and finishing the mission.

He’ll most likely pull a Dom and say something about doing it as revenge for his son!


Agree. Bautista voiceover wasn’t something that needed any resources. Game breaking bugs, glitches, etc suffered while this was done.


I’m more inclined to think it would be Lahni or Keegan who die, Hence the change to Macs face perhaps.


Gear 5 custom skin on pc I was thinking we can replace jack by 343 guilty spark XD



Great news
is the dlc paid or free?

We don’t know yet.

Is this real? Wtf the guy on the right is the psychologist robin dated in how i met your mother?