Gears 5 Story DLC Is Coming Later This Year - IGN

Just a reminder that if they can pay Batista to play Marcus for the entire campaign they can pay micheal b Jordan to play Jace again.


I use to dislike Marcus. But then Batista-as-Marcus happened and I decided that Marcus isn’t that bad,


Hopefully new game plus means letting us use skins like in Batman Arkham Knight.

You can use custom skins

How could you dislike marcus Or used to?!? He’s the face of the series and a total badass!


Maybe Mac will be the new face of the Gears… that’s why his face got changed! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh god I hope not! he looks like he’s having an allergic reaction to something :thinking::neutral_face:


Ironman and Inconceivable…not that interested. Story DLC may be decent.

As for Batista though, that’s awful. Seriously.

He just looks like Marcus with the Snapchat “Baby” filter.


Story dlc, 3 to 4 hours. That’s not too long when some of the really tricky hives take me this long to do on Master. If it is on the same level of Epic as Raam’s Shadow, then count me in!

I always thought Marcus was very one dimensional. His only real characteristic to me was that he was angry all the time. I didn’t find him to be a warm character, one with much depth, or a funny one, or even interesting. He was just that kind of cold angry stoic soldier and that just seems really cliched given that we’ve seen these kinds of characters so much in all kinds of media. I know his character is apparently expanded upon in the books, but we didn’t get that in the games.

Oddly enough, I like him more in GOW5. He seems to have softened up a bit.

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Great news about the new campaign options and the DLC. Also great to gear we can play as Batista. But they have ruined it by changing how he looks. Batista = sunglasses and bald head. Don’t but the bandana on him it looks ridiculous. The only reason to play as Dave is because it looks and sounds like him. That is why he is a legit skin option in multi. But to basically just make him a face swap is absurd.

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I’m more worried about butchered voice acting…

Can’t wait to actually play the Campaign then, haven’t really touched it since the game came out, really looking forward to that Hivebusters dlc!

Welcome to games as a service!!!
Love that new content is coming. Many thanks OP for sharing!

Long Live Guardian!!!

I’m in tears :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Marcus is a testosterone fueled, manly alpha male badass, his badassary is orgasmic, every man should wanna be like him, the guy is “hard”

But I guess the times are changing :man_shrugging: But I don’t judge.


OMG that’s soooo much worse than Macs face. :poop:


Raam’s shadow was roughly the same amount of time,3-4 hours. It all just comes down to what the hivebuster story will be centered around, could be a cinematic conclusion to the hivebuster story(highly doubtful) or a further tease of where gears 6 story is going.


Now I at least understand why they recorded those 700 or whatever voicelines with Batista.

Campaign+ sounds awesome in my opinion, adds lots of replay value which was missing from Gears 5’s campaign. If they do another Legends of Sera achievement I’ll :rage:

DLC not releasing on OP5 launch is interesting to say the least, this means its definitely not done and that it has some finishing touches to do. Wonder if the Hivebuster DLC will feature Ironman and skins and stuff aswell.

Regardless, OP5 looking incredible :slight_smile:

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