Gears 5 story and more

by the end of gears 5 kait will become the new queen and in gears 6 JD is going to have to kill her.

I feel like this is just too predictable. Im gonna go with Myrrah had twins and the other one will become queen

Oscar and Reyna. Oscar got snatched but never podded. That snatcher was out of breath and couldn’t carry that tub of lard any farther to hook him up to the meat wall Reyna was already plugged into.

Again, Oscar is not Reyna’s brother.

Oscar is the brother of Kaits father.

I disagree since that movie actually made me feel sympathetic and understanding towards Thanos while it did the opposite for all the heroes.

OSCAR IS NOT THE SON OF QUEEN MYRRAH! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Flashbacks are great for cutscenes, but I hate them when it’s missions… Especially if it’s going to be jumping around all willy-nilly like that? Boring.

Not so much boring as they are annoying. Frequently shifting perspective in a game breaks the immersion for me, especially if they don’t forward the plot in a meaningful way.

I never cared for how Gears 3 handled it where, in Act I, all of the important stuff was happening with Marcus’s group while Cole’s group were literally just grocery shopping.

Gears 5

  • opening sequence: we see a very young Cole running with a trashball in a field with friends
  • He accidentally tramples a butterfly which flaps it’s wings as it takes its last breath
  • that wing sets in motion events which lead to a windstorm that causes overall air pressure changes to crack a weak point in the planet’s crust allowing oxygen to reach deep underground for the first time in several million years
  • camera tracks downward through a fissure for an extensively long time as credits roll until the fissure opens up into a a seemingly empty cavern with nothing but the sound of air filling the void
  • the sound of the air flow stabilizes and there’s a sudden gasp for a breathe echoing in the darkness
  • as the breathing rate increases you see a single set of faint red glowing eyes getting brighter and brighter.
  • the camera slowly dollies backward and you see more and more eyes light up all around
  • camera tracks over an endless sea of eyes in the darkness as more and more breathing can be heard
  • The breathing becomes more unified and eventually a roar can be heard as the camera is rising back up through another fissure on the way back to the surface
  • The roar becomes more distant and eventually the camera breaks back through to the surface as we get a “55 years later” title card on screen
    -We hear muffled voices in the distance which become more clear as the camera zooms across the land and end up back with the Outsiders several years after the events of Gears4.
  • Cut scene video freezes and you are dash-boarded to the MS store to pay $9.99 to get the next chapter or to pay $99.99 to unlock the game’s ending.

JD is going to become the Swarm King , he has a infection in his arm thats going to change him ,just like Lambency use to do

Kait claims the title of Swarm Queen and challenges JD to a duel for the throne.

In the final moments, Del’s dreads turn into tentacles, assimilating them both and pronouncing himself as Super Kami Del.

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Or they could just unite and marry each other and become emperor and empress of the swarm ya know :laughing:

They cant because they are cousins. Adam Fenix knocked up Myrrah to make Reyna and possibly Oscar. He was a traveling military scientist so he laid pipe in every port.

Nice joke there

I too would like to see the humans lose. Anyone who truly knows the series understands the locust perspective. Let’s see their perspective. Make Kait someone hard to root for by finding out how humans pushed the war and make us relate with the locusts more. Make it less bad vs good and more conflicting of a story between sides.

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Good man. Yes, I understand their perspective entirely. The Locust had no choice but to attack the surface. The Queen knew Humans are too violent for their own good, they only know destruction. There is no way they could’ve both lived alongside each other.

The difference is, the humans sacrificed most of their own kind in a failed attempt to wipe out all Locust forces…

And they say the Locust are evil.

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Everything is evil in life in its own way, there is no pure good in anything.

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Except my Gears 3 Hammerburst. What a beauty she was.

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Now, it is always fun to speculate, before the game arrives and see how much turns out to be true.
And since we still have nothing new since June, I will speculate a bit:

  • Marcus Fenix dies.
  • Kait becomes delusioned towards the end but returns to sanity in the right moment.
  • Reyna is the Daughter of Adam Fenix and Queen Myrrah.
  • Swarm hijacks DB´s for it´s own purpose.
  • Swarm starts a major war on Humanity
  • Locust Origins will be retconned, they will not be mutants anymore, but something else
  • Swarm turns out to be something more sinister than just revived Locust (I say an aquatic strain of Imulsion). Scions (Revived Locust) are still part of it, though.
  • UIR returns in some way or form.
  • A fourth faction will enter the war stage. Perhaps Revived Lambent or another Lambency strain or something completely new.
  • Malestorms are more than just storms and will be integral to the plot, similiarly how Imulsion was to the original Trilogy.