Gears 5 story and more

I just want to reach out to the community and share ideas on what do you think Is going to happen in the campaign in gears 5 such as deaths/boss fights/vehicular levels/places visited /old and new characters and ect.

Thanks everyone! Have a great day.

I think Kait will be the new queen.

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I hope Kait dies at the end and del takes over.


I think so, or she will maybe transition in 5 and maybe go down the route in time for 6.

Whether she will come back from that or has to be killed is another thing.

Maybe she can end the struggle and control the swarm to coincide peacefully with the humans…for a while.

Nah, too obvious.

Doubt it, but while nobody can replace Queen Myrrah, it certainly would be interesting to see her switch sides.

I for one would like a BAD ending where the Swarm win, and the humans don’t come up with some magical machine that can send a enemy-specifically lethal wave of energy around a entire planet.

The humans should get what they finally deserve.

…Starting with Oscar.


Yeah, we all kinda knew what outcome you wanted😂

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What does Marcus deserve?
What does Cole deserve?
What did Dom deserve?
What do the Outsiders deserve?

It’s like rooting for the White Walkers just because a bunch of Westeros nobles are a**holes.

Death. Yes the White Walkers should win in the Final Season.

I now refer you to this.

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I hope they won’t kill Marcus

Maybe some New demon race put him inside of egg underground and others needs to save him. And finally after 3 More games, his grandchild find him stucked in alien eggwep and he Will ask for salvation and gives his bandana as reward.

And i dont say its bad story with All rescue stuff but have this happened before in gears serie?

What were you smoking and why i want it too?

This sounds like a reference to something that no one is gonna get.

i just forget to open the plates of my fireplace and running a bit low with oxygen. (dont worry i get the battery of from alarm so i dont get headic.

And i assume that no one is ever getting that bandana :frowning:

Game starts off like the Trailer with a long cut scene.

  • Line about going back to where it all started.
  • zoom in on Marcus’ face and a flashback
  • Now you’re playing as Delta Squad fighting other battles not previously touched on in previous games
  • screen wipes back to current day cut scene of Dell and Kait traveling.
  • go through an chapter with them.
  • screen wipes to another flashback chapter of Delta Squad in another old but related battle
  • Flash forward to a JD and Marcus Chapter
  • Next Chapter flashes back and PLOT TWIST, now you’re playing as Pre-Queen Myrrah where she has to make a tough decision to give up her human life/family for the good of the planet and become the locust queen (for reasons that eventually become clear in Gears 6)
  • transition back to playing as Kait and Dell for a chapter where they find another clue tying the Fenix family to Myrrah
  • flashback to a chapter with a young Adam Fenix. Turns out he had 2 families, 2 sons…
  • the plot thins…

Oh god they better not make Queen Myrrah a tragic character especially after everything she’s done.


They seriously better not even consider it. She’s perfectly fine as we know her, they’ll weaken her character if they make her seem like she’s involved in anything pro-human.

I’m warning you, TC. Once.


A little depth wouldn’t necessarily make her a tragic character. Contrary to popular belief, Thanos wasn’t a sympathetic villain, just a more believable one. He’s still insanely evil, only not the babbling lunatic or the “watch-the-world-burn” type that we’re normally used to.

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True. Of course depth is fine, just as long as it doesn’t contradict who she is too much.

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What if it turned out she was a double agent for the COG?!?!