Gears 5 store where do the last week items go?

So the items from last week in the store…bc there’s no ops you can’t get them once their off new?

You’ll have to wait.

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“At a later date”. That could be anywhere between now and the year 2300. It doesn’t sound believable to me, as they could have included them in the tabs of (permanent) characters and other skins.


I thought i read somewhere a while back that most items from the past operations would be added to the regular store for coins after operation 8 with the exception of exclusive rewards and tour general rewards.

Which doesn’t have an impact on what is released now, after Op 8 ended, or rather shouldn’t have. I find it extremely dubious that TC doesn’t have the means to just add newly released skins to a different, permanent section of the exact same store they’ve had for like nearly, if not more than, a year now, once the iron only week for the skins ends.


I just think it’s ridiculous bc it’s a money scam. Yea you earn iron in the tour but once you have spent that. Now if you want something you have to spend really money to buy iron to get it. I have 605k coin an can’t buy anything that’s in the “new” section bc it’s for iron. It’s LAME



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It’s not an old set they just never released, either. There’s a scorcher skin in it. So this was at least post-op 5.

What’s my issue here? They’re making skins for this game after they “ended support”. So they could still have someone at TC keep churning out skins, they’re just ■■■■■■■ lazy. an omen with the number 15 on it is lazy too. “Anniversary”.

They’re doing an “Essentials Store Update” in November they said. Im guessing that means everything that is missing from the store will be put into the store permanently.

Thats why they put Iron in TOD so we could grab those skins right there and then but! If ppl wanna spend coin theyll have to suffer even more from TC and wait for a later date probs the same time thats Gears 6 is ready knowning TC

Those two look like they involuntarily had to wear that hoodie.
It’s on offer for £ 45.99 which is like… € 55.-? It’s probably cheaper to buy a blank hoodie and get it printed at a different store.

You know what the true irony is? This is actually a better offer than the anniversary they offered in the game.

Interesting store, by the way. I like this red beanie with a tiny Gears of War logo on it, making it a super highly valuable item: Perhaps that is the reason why it’s now offered for half the price.

You sound hopeful. It’s probably better to lessen your expectations to prevent disappointment. They will probably just drip feed us with previously released items until the release of Gears 6.