Gears 5 store updates

I want to postulate @Bleeding_Pepper for forum mod

This forum needs more people like him.

Also, I learn more words reading post written by him and some other forum members

Speaking about languages, @GearsCharacters I’m pretty sure that your native language isn’t english because I can’t understand some things that you wrote.

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Your looking for cloud find your own lane my boi. your reenact is lame. You got more time on forums than in game Gears5. Correct? More like unseasoned?

I have a Switch and I have Smash Bros Ultimate and FFVII instaled, I don’t need to look for Cloud

Give me encouragement and praise, and I will flourish!

I will teach your children, but keeping GOW fans in-line? No thank you. Children have potential to develop and grow. The majority of GOW fans do not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wrong. You can see my profile here and on Xbox. If I have most of the achievements, I doubt that I have more time writting and reading here instead of playing.

But because some players needs proof, I post my time playing Gears 5 vs doing things in this forums:

Also, I’m not a boy or boi

Why is this even relevant? If we’re going to bring up time spent doing this and that, I’m going to wager that you spend more time on the customisation pages than playing the game; and your control pad is covered in dried semen because customisation skins gives you a raging erection.

This is becoming one of my favorite threads


Agreed. Pepper is good people.


Has @GhostofDelta2 woken up yet? He’s gonna have some work to do before he has breakfast…

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I think it is around 8:20 am for him.

Ghost usually gets on xbox around 6pm est.

I’ll match you just waiting for Trinity Skorge to pop up.

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Why is this even relevant? :smiley:

This is such a bizarre thread… I love this place.

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I like that he makes fun of wicked.

I couldn’t even see the images. Just saw a bunch of links saying “processing.”

Yeah but everyone does that though, so it’s hardly unique. Isn’t that right @WickedlyInocent?

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Good for you that you didn’t found problems unlocking achievements


I’ll match you


Hey man, he got carried by some super-helpful decent forumers for Seriously 5.0 Part 2 mastering Escape hives. He might give the impression that we’re pond scum, but there are some decent ones out there! Without those helpful forumers, he wouldn’t be able to posture and show off his achievements!

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Wtf am I seeing.