Gears 5 store updates

are tc gonna put more new esports and others skins in store for 2022?



There’s multiple threads on this already and your answer is this:

But to be clear TC did not really say if the store was done on Christmas week TC said last store but it was not specific because season 9 was coming to an end so it sounded to me like just season 9. TC never said anything about season 10 store that part we will find out this coming Monday. If TC was done with the store after season 9 then why didn’t TC say specifically that season 9 was the last store ever & that MOVINGLY FORWARD INTO NEXT SEASON THERE WILL BE NO MORE NEW STORE CONTENT. But also I do remember along time ago that TC said don’t be surprised if now & then something could come referring to skins.

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“Final” - definition - last one. Not “final one of 2021” or “final one of season 9”. Just “Final”.


We will find out :100: this coming Monday if season 10 store is closed with new content. I want Monday post to officially say TC is done no questions asked.

They don’t need to be official on Monday when in the link Pepper provided says “Final Gears 5 Store Update”. They moved on mid way through last year, they most likely had everything already built in game by then so they could move on to making the next game with the new engine.


Monday we will find out. I want to see that post till then say what you feel or read but my eyes are waiting till Monday post.

Looks like someone is at the denial stage.


Depression is my favorite stage.

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It’s more like this my boi. A hard core collector is the correct label.

I don’t see what that picture is supposed to illustrate.

TC have already said that they’re done with updating the store with new items.

There is no reason for TC to “officially” post something telling us something that they’ve already said. Come Monday, this isn’t going to be addressed because it’s already been addressed and announced (on Twitter). And then what happens then? You’ll just defer it to the following Monday? And then the following Monday?

The only items due in the store, are old existing ones being added.

The only other new items will be done through the eSports streams.

You can deny it all you want but at some point you’re just gonna have to accept the information that TC have already tweeted. It’s clear and unambiguous.


Same to you with your card reading about how you see people or feel like who are you John Gotti? I know one thing that is official that no matter what you think about others you will never be a TC forum monitor towards bashing on gamers :100:. On that note you made your bed.

I wasn’t bashing anyone. I posted the Tweet from TC confirming that the store won’t be updated with new items.

You’re choosing to ignore that and are holding out hope that this is somehow untrue.

I then say that you’re probably in denial.

“7 stages of grief” is a genuine tool used by doctors, psychologists and counsellors. Not sure what a dead gangster has to do with this.

But glad to see that you’ve moved to the “anger” stage though. :wink:

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You don’t think so. Anyways your a low level Gears player that likes to teach in Gears forums.

Looks like hes still in the anger stage :joy:

Dude, I may have bashed you before in other threads, but I wasn’t bashing you earlier in this thread. Like I said, I posted a link to the official tweet from TC about the store and it perfectly addresses the uncertainty that you have about it. If you don’t want to believe this tweet then you’re clearly in denial. TC have said what they’ve said. I very much doubt they will address this again on Monday, or at any stage in the future because they’ve already addressed it.

What do you even mean by “same to you”?

“Card reading”? You mean a professionally recognised tool used to recognise and deal with grief which is universally used by doctors all over the world?

John Gotti - dead gangster, not a psychologist or counsellor. What are you even on?

This doesn’t even make any sense when at this point I wasn’t bashing you. Just making an observation about your denial. “Forum monitor”? Presumably you mean “moderator”? And who says I want to be one? I’ve definitely bashed you before in the past, but not today. It seems like you’re bashing me [the person] and not what I’m actually saying.


First of all it’s “you’re”. Secondly, I don’t see how the level I play at is relevant. And thirdly, weren’t you the guy who had to be carried by two other helpful forumers through Escape on master difficulty? For the record, my game stats (PVE at least) speak for themself. And lastly other forumers seem to appreciate my input on PVE matters. If people want advice or information then I’ll give it to them and help. What have you ever contributed to the forums apart from spamming lists of character skins?

If you want to wait until Monday for TC to post something about the store, feel free to. But like I mentioned, they’ve already confirmed it in a tweet.


I meant to say your (not-active) gears player who talks in here. Have a wonderful day my boi.

May I ask why you think I’m “inactive”? Because I can assure you that I’ve got my X Box on right now, played a few games earlier today already and am on the GOW5 main menu right at this moment; and have recorded hundreds of hours of gameplay since launch.

Would appreciate that you at least be factual about things.