Gears 5 store, stats, and card companion

I did a search, but I can’t find a solution anywhere. In Gears 4 we could check ranked stats, buy from the store, and upgrade or scrap cards using this web based forum. Is this not going to happen for Gears 5?

I think it’s a real loss not to have these abilities outside of the console or PC (steam) being right in front of you.

Shameless bump cause I’d like to know if it’s coming.

Anyone know?

Dude I was literally looking for the same thing today. Sorry I don’t have an answer. But I really did like having that feature from gears 4.

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I’m surprised that so few seems to care. It was a handy feature.

I also used this feature for Gears 4, and would like to see it return in Gears 5. There is a spot to look at stats, but it doesn’t let you check out what skill cards you have.

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